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Some libraries and court buildings had asbestos-containing materials in them and some did not. Only an inspection by trained and qualified specialists can determine whether it is present in a specific building.

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What is a hazardous mineral fiber found in building materials?

Asbestos is a hazardous mineral fiber found in building materials.

What colour of asbestos is used in building products?

There are a number of forms of asbestos that can be called by a colour, but can also be called by their actual mineralogical or trade name. White asbestos, which is more properly called Chrysotile, was widely used in building products and is the most commonly found type of asbestos in building materials today. However, other types have also been used. Brown asbestos, more widely known by its trade name, Amosite, is the second most commonly found asbestos type in building products.

Is asbestos found in storage buildings?

Depending on when the storage building was built, and what materials it is made of, asbestos may be found there. The only way to know for certain is to have it inspected by a qualified inspector.

Is asbestos found inside of plumping pipe supply?

Asbestos was used in many different building materials, including asbestos-concrete pipe (a common brand name was Transite). It is generally not found inside metal pipes- it WAS used as insulation on the outside of pipes.

Is asbestos found in drywall?

No, there is no asbestos in modern drywall

Which of these is a hazardous mineral fiber found in building materials?

it is mercury because mercury is the most hazardous mineral fiber

Is asbestos found in stucco ceilings?

is asbestos found in all stucco ceilings and what would be the health hazards

Is asbestos banned?

While it is banned in some countries, asbestos is not banned in all countries. It can be left in place where it is found in building materials. And in some countries it can be used in a variety of applications, as long as suitable precautions are taken.

What types of asbestos found in wire gauze?

The asbestos in the wire gauze i think is a soft type of asbestos coz` some of the asbestos is very thick

Asbestos is not usually found in?

Asbestos is not usually found in wooden products or metal products (unless gaskets or insulation is part of them).

How dangerous is the asbestos found in fibro?

Asbestos found in fibro is very dangerous and needs to be handled by a professional if found. It can cause respiratory problems as well as some cancers.

How much does asbestos tile cost?

Asbestos tile is no longer manufactured in the United States. Asbestos tile contains asbestos, which was found to cause cancer if inhaled. Vinyl or ceramic tile is the better alternative.

Where can reviews on Mesothelioma Asbestos lawyers be found?

Reviews for Mesothelioma, Asbestos lawyers can be found by searching Mesothelioma Lawyers. Another way to find Mesothelioma Asbestos Lawyers when searched will give you several phone listings of where to get help.

What a the laws for inheritance tax in the state of Louisiana?

Your question is too broad. You need to visit a law library in Louisiana and ask the staff to help you find the Louisiana Probate Code. Public Law Libraries can be found at the local courts.Your question is too broad. You need to visit a law library in Louisiana and ask the staff to help you find the Louisiana Probate Code. Public Law Libraries can be found at the local courts.Your question is too broad. You need to visit a law library in Louisiana and ask the staff to help you find the Louisiana Probate Code. Public Law Libraries can be found at the local courts.Your question is too broad. You need to visit a law library in Louisiana and ask the staff to help you find the Louisiana Probate Code. Public Law Libraries can be found at the local courts.

Where is asbestos found in Australia?

Wittenoom, Western Australia, is where the largest mine is located. There is a significant amount of asbestos in buildings as well.

Where is asbestos found?

if you mean the one for mining they can be found where mining is done like quebec

Have found asbestos in your house are you responsible for the removal of the asbestos is the mortgage company responsible?

Unless the seller of the house offered you an assertion that there was no asbestos there, or local law says otherwise, you are responsible for any problems created by the presence of asbestos. The mortgage company gave you a loan, they have no responsibility for cleaning up asbestos.

Why isn't asbestos used much in the US today?

Asbestos has been found to cause cancer, so it is no longer used in construction.

Asbestos found in which district of Madhya pradesh?

i think it is Katni:VKA

Where can Asbestos be found?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral which is common in the Earth's crust. Here in Sacramento, California, we've had a recurring panic in that the natural dust in the Sierra foothills is composed of a form of asbestos.

Where does asbestos come from?

Asbestos is a mineral and is dug out of the groud in mines just like other minerals. Canada and South Africa are major sources of asbestos, but it is found in commercial quantities in other countries, too.

Where can one find an asbestos mesothelioma lawyer?

A local lawyer may be able to assist with an asbestos mesothelioma case. There are also lawyers that deal with these cases that can be found on sites such as Injured by Asbestos and Workplace Injury.

Materials found in the school library?

materials found in the library

What is asbestos-cement cladding?

Asbestos cladding is a general construction sheeting formed from the mixture of a natural cement and asbestos. It makes a good weather proofing material at low cost. The asbestos content could be as high as 30% Chrysotile (White asbestos). Some cladding sheets have been found with smaller levels of Blue and Brown asbestos or a mixture of all three.

How to Understand Asbestos Testing?

Until the 1970s, there were few government regulations when it came to asbestos testing or the use of asbestos in building materials. This was the case even though the effects of asbestos on health had been known by scientists since the early part of the century. Because of this negligence, workers in shipyards and constructions sites across the country were exposed to asbestos on a daily basis, many of them growing ill in the years to come. Unfortunately, the chain of sickness doesn’t end there. Asbestos can still be found in many older buildings and homes. If you want to ensure the health of yourself and your family, asbestos testing is vital. For whatever else might be said about it, no one can say that asbestos doesn’t make a great material for building. Because of its strength and resistance to heat, it was used extensively in building projects for many years. Of course, while its capabilities might have been remarkable, it is its unfortunate tendency to cause real health damage that makes it such a danger. Asbestos has been linked to many life threatening diseases including asbestosis, which is a lung disease akin to emphysema. The fibers are inhaled and they cause quite a lot of damage to the inner organs, creating diseases that sometimes take years to manifest. Mesothilioma is a form of cancer that has little attributable cause other than asbestos exposure. Many shipbuilders have filed suit against the government after developing mesothilioma later in life. While asbestos posed the most harm to workers prior to the 1970s, buildings and homes that still have asbestos in the ceilings and walls can still pose a threat to the residents and employees that live and work there. That is why asbestos testing is so important to do before moving into a new home or moving into a new office building. If the building was built prior to the government regulations, there is a good chance that asbestos was used in the construction.