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Your hamster could have got a bad sprain or a bad bruise. Feel around her leg and if you feel a broken bone, bring it to the vet. Only the vet can deal with tiny broken bones. If you don't feel anything broken, then the only answer could be a sprain or bruise. The most common reason is the wheel. If it is an open-barred wheel (it has holes in it) the hamster could have tripped on one of the holes and bruised the leg. Get a closed hamster wheel and make an appointment for the vet. Just to make sure.

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My hamster has bruised or sprained his leg and I believe I know how he did it. He already has a closed wheel, but he has a wire cage. He loves to climb his cage. I suspect he must’ve got his leg caught before he jumped down causing him to hurt it bad. If it is sprained or bruised hiw do I treat it?

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Q: Has your hamster broken her leg if she is holding it up and putting it down every few steps?
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