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Do you have HEI ignition? If so have your pick up coil checked for resistance sounds like it might be going bad or check your wire connections on it. also check your HEI module at the distributor. some auto store will check the module for you. hope this helps.

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โˆ™ 2006-02-10 09:16:42
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Q: Have 86 Chevrolet Camaro with codes 41 and 42 engine cuts off from time to time how to diag?
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95 Camaro Z28 engine cuts off while driving?

Most comin failure on these cars is the opti-spark distibutor

What are the symptoms of bad camshaft sensor on a 2003 Chrysler Voyager van?

Check engine light on, cuts out, no start.Check engine light on, cuts out, no start.

Engine cuts out?

fuel filter ok?

1990 IROC-Z28 Camaro that sometimes cuts off when you stop what could be wrong?

sounds like the carb

Vw golf engine cuts out?

If your VW Golf engine cuts out, there may be an issue with the fuel filter or injectors. You might also have a problem with the distributor in the electrical system.

Your engine cuts out after the engine warms up?

2004 dodge grand caravan 4.0sxt cuts up when apply brake in gear and rpm go up and down.

Why does your 1993 Chevy C-1500 truck cuts off after starting?

It cuts off the engine while you start it up.

Why does the Tachometer fail and then engine cuts out?

It can sometimes be caused by a failed alternator.

Why does your 2007 Chevrolet have a speed regulator That cuts out at about 105?

For safety reasons the computer will regulate the max speed to a programmed level.

How do you fix check engine code P0455?

With a p0455, the most common repair is to:Remove and reinstall the gas cap, clear the codes, and drive for a day and see if the codes come back.Otherwise, replace the gas cap, and/orInspect the EVAP system for cuts/holes in tubes/hoses that run from the fuel tank to the engine (you may hear a vacuum noise or smell fuel), repair if necessary

1991 Honda Accord engine cuts out while driving?

Ignition switch

Engine starts but cuts out straight away?

Could be due to a flat battery.

Your 86 camaro keeps stalling it cuts out its very hard to get it started each time it stalls .the idle keeps changing harshly while drivingwhat do i do?

Scrap it!

What are the signs when a fuel filter needs changing?

Engine cuts out intermittently, runs rough.

What does the automatic ignition shutoff do on a 2007 Ford Ranger?

What Do You Think It Does? It Shuts Off The Ignition Of Your Engine, So Basically It Cuts The Engine Off...

When the check engine light comes on the car will start but cuts off when it doesn't come on it won't start and now the check engine light doesn't come on anymore on a 92' Plymouth Colt Vista 1.8L?

Check the crankshaft sensor. The sensor connector could be loose or the sensor could be bad. Try to read the engine codes to see if the computer shows an issue.

What is wrong with your car if the engine cuts off and the car starts to smoke?

It means the car is overheating.

What is the name of the chip that cuts off the power after a certain speed?

rev limiter, engine will sputter when it hits this limit to keep engine from over reving

Your Briggs and stratton lawnmower starts but then cuts out after about 30 secs What is wrong with it?

The fuel filter is probably clogged and restricting the fuel flow. If the engine blows black smoke before it cuts out, then the engine is flooding - look for a dirty air filter or a fouled spark plug.

Engine cuts out while driving a 1997 grand am GT?

your coil pack is defective.OR you have a vacume leak.

2000 Ford Expedition engine cuts off without warning?

That is a sign of a bad fuel pump

What does it mean when a check engine light cones on and the car cuts off?

timing belt may have snapped

Does the 1998 dodge stratus have a low oil pressure switch that cuts the engine off if it's low?


1999 vw bug cuts off when engine get hot?

If your 1999 VW Bug's engine cuts off when it gets hot, you might have an issue with bad gas or with the distributor. Electrical problems will often appear at operating temperature. You could also have an issue with the oxygen sensors.

Why does and engine of a 2003 Ford Short tact cuts off while running?

my truck cut off while i stop at times , i can be riding and it cut off the Engine all my light comes on when it cuts off. and when i got to 3 Rmps it studder like i can't get any gas.