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Have 98 ford explorer 4.0 auto no heat no fan nothing someone said to rest the heater control unit where is it and what else could be the problem?



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There is an easy fix kit called the "HeaterTreater" that is available on eBay and at This fix is all-inclusive, easy to install, does not require removal of the dash, and only takes about 45 minutes. It cover Ford Rangers from 96'-04'


If you recently purchased this vehicle I would check to make sure no one has by-passed the heater core. I once had a Nissian that someone did that on because the heater core had a leak. Didn't know that till I hooked up. As to the Fan if the Fuse is a Known good fuse, then check the switch you will need to remove it and have it tested to see if it is any good. You may also have to repair the fan, if everything else is "working" I've had to replace the brushs in a couple before.

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If the fan is not running, then it is either a blown fuse, defective blower motor speed control switch, bad blower motor resistor pack, or a defective blower motor.