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Ford never made a 350 motor

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โˆ™ 2011-02-18 19:35:23
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Q: Have a 05 Ford f150 will a 350 Ford motor fit in it?
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Will the transmission from a 96 ford bronco fit a 98 ford f150?

No, it will not fit, the motor and tranny are completely different, so it is not possible.

Will a 1994 Mustang Gt 5.0L motor and trans fit in a 1997 Ford F150?


What is the Largest motor you can fit in a 2001 ford focus?

350 c.i. v8

Will a 96 ' 4.6 T-bird motor fit a 99' F150 extra cab with a 4.6 motor?

Yes the Motor will fit if you pull out the Ford motor. (It is Quite hard to rewire)

What engine came standard in 1987 Ford F150 truck with 302 motor?

5000cc engine will fit .

Will the tansmission out of an 89 ford f150 with a 300 straight 6 manual transmission fit in a 68 ford f100 with a 390 motor?


Will 5.4 liter Heads fit on a4.6 liter motor?

This is for a Ford F150 1997 Pick Up Truck.

Will a 98 Lincoln 4.6 dohc fit in a 97 ford f150 4.6 sohc?

yes i have a 2001 svt cobra motor on my 02 f150 so yes it does fit but hefty on the pockets

Will 2001 ford f150 drivers door fit on 2001 expedition?

Yes, the 2001 Ford F150 driver's door will fit on the 2001 Ford Expedition.

What motor will fit in a 1998 ford f150 truck?

The Ford motor company recommends you use 10W-30 weight motor oil in the 1998 Ford F1 50 truck. A heavier weight motor oil can be used in extreme climates.

Will a engine out of a 1991 blazer fit into a 1993 Chevy f150?

if it's an f-150 it a ford not a chevy so no a chevy motor will not fit in a ford without changing the entire drivetrain and computer .

Will a 1985 350 distributor fit in a 1969 350 motor?

YES it will fit right in.

Will the motor mounts on a Pontiac 350 fit a Chevy 350?

No, they will not.

Can a Ford v10 fit into a Ford f150 with a 5.4L?

yes, ford makes their engines fit one size of body

Will a Ford f150 1988 door fit a 1990 ford bronco?


Will 1997 ford f150 doors fit on 2001 expedition?

No, a 1997 Ford F150 doors will not fit on a 2001 Expedition. You will need to get a door that is made specifically for the Expedition.

Can a 1999 Ford seat fit in your Ford f100 1978?

can a ford f150 seat fit in my 1978 ford f100 custom truck

What year Ford seats will fit in a 1986 Ford bronco?

1985-1988 ford f150 f250 and f350 or a 1994 f150 f250 and f350

Will a 1978 351w fit in a 1990 f150?

what carbutor model engine fit in a 1994 ford f150 with a 5.8 lighting engine

Would a 98 Ford F150 5.4 engine fit a 99 Ford Expedition also with a 5.4?

yes it will will that fit??

Will the front clip of a 1997 Ford F150 bolt on and fit a 1988 Ford F-250?

yes it will fit on

What Honda motor can you put on your rancher 350?

will a 300 honda motor fit a 350 honda rancher

Will your 1990 Ford F-250 front end fit on your 1995 ford f150?


Will a bed lid from a 97 ford f150 short bed fit a 94 f150 short bed?


What size speakers fit in the doors of a 2005 ford F150?