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I have the same issue it is the map sensor

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Can you play Temple Run on a Kindle Fire?

Yes but sometimes it doesnt let you so try again

What is outmoded custom?

They are traditions that are no longer accepted again into our culture.

Do plant cells have eyespots?

yes it does but then again it doesnt :)

On 'The Sims 2' when you type in a cheat howvdo you activate the cheat?

You press enter on your key board, if the cheat doesnt work then you mmight of typed in the wronge thing if so try again or the cheat just doesnt and never will work...that happens sometimes xox

What is the duration of Sometimes They Come Back... Again?

The duration of Sometimes They Come Back... Again is 1.63 hours.

What do you do when you login on webkinz and it doesn't work?

i have the same problem all the time aparently you are suppose to push F5 then log in again but sometimes that doesnt work either....just hang in there with it if you are having this problem

Will Colt ever produce Pythons again?

You can special order one from the custom shop.

What happens if a physical therapist doesnt do there job?

you can get fired and not be able to become a physical therapist again or have to restart again with your degree.

What were some struggles Albert Einstein had?

Sometimes his ideas failed again and again

Why would a 1995 Dodge avenger start sometimes and then it dies while driving and then won't start again for several days. Sometimes it restarts with no trouble after three days and sometimes not?

its a sensor. I don't remember what its called, but same thing happended to me it took the car garage I took it to # times just to find out what it was.

What can i do to stop my girl not to cheat on you again?

Tell her that you'll eat her cat if she doesnt

How do you get glow stick off your clothes?

you wash it and if it doesnt work try again.

When you go on horse club it doesnt load on stable and ride and paddock please help?

Well if you keep trying it might. But sometimes it could be your computer or the website had a problem for a day. So all you have to do is try again tommorow.

What is the name of the NEW movie that Zac Efron makes?

17 Again...He turns into a teenager again and doesnt know how to get back to normal.

If I miscarried my last pregnancy what are the odds it'll happen again?

Just because you misscarried once doesnt mean u will again!(:

What is standard and custom chart type in Excel?

Standard charts include the normal charts like line, bar, pie etc. Custom charts are user defined. A user can use a chart they have created and make it into a custom chart that they can use again.

Is it possible for your ex to like you again?

of course it is,clearly he or she has liked you so maybe you two had a fight doesnt always mean that person doesnt love you still.

Does Nicki minaj lipsing?

A lot of stars do she does sometimes but then again justin bebier does too sometimes

What does it mean when a puppy shakes?

Well, sometimes it means that they are nervous and then again sometimes it means there cold

When I start my 1997 V6 Sonoma it starts then stops Does that a few times then goes all right Sometimes while driving it will die then go again?

My 97 Sonoma was doing the same thing and a good tech found it was a bad ignition switch. The truck runs great again.

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