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Have a 1996 F350 with a 4.9 Stalled while driving on highway No Spark Replaced Module on distributor and electronic module on fender Still no spark Any suggestions?


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2007-12-15 21:56:55
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check you distributer cap and rotor for wear. if so maybe that's it or bad wires.

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I have a 1991 Chevrolet Camaro RS, and I had the same problem. If the check engine light comes on, it could be the distributor cap and rotor. As for the stopping and sputtering of RPM's, it could be the fuel pump. I replaced my distributor cap and rotor and got a new fuel pump, and my car is working amazingly. Hasn't stalled or sputtered yet! Try that

make certain your rotor is turning as you try starting it.If you remove the distributor cap and watch your while someone turns the engine over your rotor should turn, if not, you might have a sheard pin on the distributor gear or a broken timing chain or belt.

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This has happened to me. I thought most likely it was the fuel pump getting ready to go out soon. So I had that replaced and it hasn't stalled out since. Knock on wood.

i just had that problem (crank angle sensor) under the distributor cap...just got one for about $180 but never stalled while driving again ...saves the headache get one!!!

My 2000 Impala had been jerking right before it stalled. First, it was just jerking with no stalling, it got progressively worse. I recently got the fuel filter replaced and it hasn't stalled again.

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