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This light means your car is be overheating, or the temperature switch is faulty, if you are constantly topping up the water you may need to have the engine pressure tested as head gasket failure is common on this model (i know I've just done one)

the other thing make sure the cooling fan cuts in, if it doesnt you need to check this temperature switch too or the fan. Hope this helps

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:43:40
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Q: Have a 1999 Fiat Seicento car and the coolant light keeps coming on even though you just topped it up why is it doing this?
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You have topped up the coolant twice in a month?

coolant leak more than likely heater hose pipe

What is coolant capacity of 1988 voyager?

The coolant capacity of the 1988 Voyager is 8.5 quarts in the initial fill. After the initial fill, it will need to be topped off.

Why is there pressure in the radiator?

Pressurizing the cooling system raises the boiling point of the engine coolant. under normal conditions this keeps the coolant from boiling and having to be frequently topped off.

You hear a flowing water sound on start up it sounds like it may be coming from the heater core?

I had this happen on my 2001 S-10. I had a very slow coolant leak and when the coolant would get low I could hear what sounded like water flowing from around the heater. At first I thought I had water built up inside the A/C evaporator which was gurgling, but finally realized it was a coolant problem. Once I fixed my leak and topped off the coolant the noise was gone. Hope this helps.

How do you reset low coolant light on 2001 GMC Yukon?

How do you get light to turn off on 2001 GMC Sierra coolant light is staying on even after topped off

How fast can a crf100go?

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Does water in the reservoir circulate through radiator when engine runs?

No. When the engine is running coolant is heated and expands. Excess coolant then flows from the radiator to the expansion (overflow) tank. When the engine is shut down coolant cools and contracts drawing fluid back out of the tank to keep the radiator topped off.

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Why 2002 Chevy Venture blows out cold air when stopped?

If you are referring to the temperature of the air coming from the heater, the most likely cause is low coolant in the cooling system. If that is the case, coolant is not flowing through the heater core when at idle, or stopped. Easiest fix is to check the coolant level (engine cool) at the radiator cap. Make sure it is absolutely full. Once that is done, also check the level at the overflow tank. Make sure it is at least half full at all times. This helps to keep the coolant level "topped off" so that there is no air in the system. Good Luck, Greg

Why would a car have white smoke coming from the tailpipe after oil is topped up?

you put too much oil in, it is burning the oil.

How do you stop temperature gauge flashing red on your car even after you have topped up coolant reservoir?

Switch the ignition off and start the car again.The light will then stop flashing.

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How do you top up coolant in Volvo FM truck?

Open the radiator cap, and fill until you see coolant in the sight glass. Once you've topped it up the first time, let it sit for about 30 minutes to bleed down. Come back, check on it, top it off as needed. Don't go above the sight glass, or else the excess coolant will bleed out.

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What could be wrong with a 1991 Ford Escort if the check coolant light is on and the temp rises and it's coolant is topped off?

thermostat, or water pump are the most likely causes... try the thermostat first... that is the cheapest and easiest one... if that doesn't solve the problem, you've narrowed it down to the water pump

How much coolant does a 454 need?

it depends on the size of your radiator. Just fill it with the correct coolant and top off as the thermostat opens. This assumes the engine is cold (sitting overnight) when you start the engine. Run the heater at max while you do this to bleed the system. Once you can no more coolant to the radiator or overflow bottle, cap the system and make sure the over flow bottle is topped up.

Why does your oldsmoble silhouette heater go hot then cold?

My Silhouette had that same problem. I found that the coolant level was too low and not circulating through the interior heating system. Once I topped off the coolant it worked properly. I just completed repair of the original problem that caused the coolant level to go down in the first place which was a bad lower intake manifold gasket. It now works great and doesn't consume any more coolant. -Tim

Why does our 1996 grand marquis heater does not get warm?

coolant system consists of three main parts, water pump, radiator, and heater core, than comes the coolant itself, and the lines(hoses) check your fluid first, maker sure that your coolant is topped off at the radiator itself, not the resovoir. from there i would inspect the water pump, if your water(coolant) is really rusty brown, that is a sign that corrosion has occurred, any more questions email me at

Coolant a little low. 87 Ranger 2.9. Topped off. Noticed a bit of coolant above water pump but not on it. Could it be gasket of some kind Where would I look Also want to keep driving it for 2-months?

it could be the themostat housing gasket

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