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Cold be one of several things. I am certainly no expert, but you could try changing your expansion valve as it could be stopped up. First try washing out your evaporator core. This looks like a small radiator in front of your cars big radiator. try washing it out with water being careful not to bend the fins as this will restrict air flow and lower your heat exchange. If you have gauges, make sure your high pressure gauge isn't too high. Check with your local a/c shop for the recommended pressure.

i would suggest taking it to a AC shop since you will have to vacuum out the system in order to remove all the air before refilling it

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:43:46
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Q: Have a 95 aurora and air condition will not cool down have plenty of freon in it and up to pressure and the compressor kicks on does any one know how to get it to cool down or whats wrong?
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