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This isn't easy to answer. It could be leaking from many places. Common places to check are the hoses from the radiator, the radiator itself, the hoses leading to the heater core toward the fire wall, the water pump could also be faling. Try putting the vehicle on a clean piece of cardboard over night. The next morning see where it is dripping and trace it back to the source. That is about all the advice I can offer w/o knowing eactly where it is comming from. Hope this helps.

If it is leaking into the car, it is from your air conditioner drain tube. There is a service bulletin on it. Check with your Dodge dealer or try the following....


This bulletin involves drying the carpet and dash panel silencer pad and installing a revised

HVAC drain tube.


Inspect the front passenger side carpet starting at the bottom of HVAC unit, if it is wet

perform the Repair Procedure.


1. Use the procedures outlined in TechCONNECT to remove the carpet,

2. Hang the carpet so the front portion is at the bottom and let air dry (having a fan blow

on it will speed the process).

3. Use a utility knife or similar device to cut the dash panel silencer pad as follows:

a. Cut just below the bottom of the HVAC housing from the side cowl (kick) panel

across to the transmission tunnel.

b. Cut along the transmission tunnel from the dash panel rearward and to the end of

the pad.

4. Remove the cut portion of the dash panel silencer pad and squeeze any excess water

from the pad.

5. Hang the dash panel silencer pad and let it air dry.

6. Wipe up any excess water that may be in the passenger foot well area and dry with a


7. Raise the vehicle on an appropriate hoist.

8. Remove the HVAC drain tube from the dash panel by squeezing and pulling on the

tube near the dash panel.






9. Install drain tube adapter, p/n 05191188AA, onto the HVAC drain nipple, (Fig. 1).

10. Install the revised drain tube, p/n 05264688, onto the drain tube adapter so the down

tube is positioned at 7 o'clock when looking toward the rear of the vehicle.

11. Seal the opening in the dash panel where the HVAC drain tube passes through with

RTV sealer, p/n 04467708.

12. Lower the vehicle.

13. After the section dash panel silencer pad has dried determine if there is any

objectionable odor. If no odor is detected reuse the original pad. If there is an

objectionable odor, use the original pad cutout as a template to cut replacement pad

from p/n 04787422AC.

14. Adhere the dash panel silencer pad to the floor pan with a small amount of RTV

sealer, p/n 04467708, and apply Duct Tape to the cut seam of the dash panel silencer


24-018-05 -2-

15. After the carpet has dried determine if there is any objectionable odor. If no odor is

detected reuse the original carpet. If there is an objectionable odor, use the

appropriate MOPAR parts catalog to determine the correct replacement carpet.

16. Use the procedures outlined in TechCONNECT to install the carpet,

23-Body/Interior/Carpets and Floor Mats/Installation.

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Q: Have a water leak on a 2005 Dodge Stratus Need to know how to repair and where it might be coming from?
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