Have anyone had their 94 Mercury Villager cut off on them after trying to accelerate and the van would not go pass 10 and Can you please tell me what you had done to have the problem fixed?

i too have this 94 problem. standing in front of van on right side of engine i have seen an occasional drip of gas. i assume the oder is pulled back into the heating system. fuel line im sure

i also have a 1994 with the same problem. i havent replaced it yet it yet but im about 90 % sure it is the fuel pressure regulator. 90 dollars at a parts store . will update when i put one on..

On my Villager, On the left outboard side of the engine, as you stand in front of the car and are looking down at the engine, there is a fuel line interupeted by a short 2 inch flex line. My worm clamps keep coming loose.

I am having the same problem with my '94 Villager, and in researching this, it appears many others do also. I came across some information that indicated that there was a Technical Service Bulletin issued for this problem. This TSB indicated that "there may be a missing sealer between the fuel filler opening upper flange and the fuel filler base assembly. The recommended fix is to reseal the gaps in the fuel filler opening". Don't know if this will help you, but I think I will look into it on my van.

there was recall on fuel filler line seal. have u taken it in for that?

I currently own a 94 Villager and just Saturday I was driving and no matter how I accelerated the van will not go anywhere. The van eventually shut down. First, I was told by one mechanic that it was the fuel pump and then by another that it was the fuel filter, once the fuel filter was replaced, I was told I need to replace the fuel regulator. I did go and purchased the fuel regulator, which cost me $62 including taxes. That's not bad I see comparing to someone spending $90.

If anyone else had this problem with their van, can you please tell me what was the exact cause of this problem. I'm sick of mechanics just taking advantage to hike up the price of labor. Oh, as for the fumes when turning on the van, I too has this problem, so after I have the fuel regulator replace tomorrow, I will let you know if the fumes still comes into the van when turning on the heating system.