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Have north korea and south korea meet their economic goals since 1953?

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What were the goals of the US in Korea?

At first the goals of the UN were to defeat the North Koreans in South Korea and then to try to liberate the entire country of Korea. After Red China entered the war, the goals were to keep S. Korea free, which have been achieved since 1953

What are the economic systems of North Korea?

North Korea uses its own form of Socialism, Juche. It is highly centralized. Its economic development was successful and rapid after the Korean War. However, in the 1980's North Korea's neighbor, South Korea surpassed it economically. Along with natural disasters and the collapse of the Socialist Market namely the U.S.S.R. led to the economic collapse of North Korea. Since then it has allowed special free market investment areas and is slowly recovering.

How long have North and South Korea been fighting?

Ever since 1951, when North Korea invaded South Korea.

When did north Korea become a communism country?

North Korea has been communist since it was founded in 1948.

What part of Korea was eventually called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea?

NORTH KOREA was has been called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK since 1948.

Is Korea a city?

No it is a country. Or rather, countries since it is divided up as South Korea and North Korea.

What type of country is south Korea?

South Korea is a country located in Asia. It lies right of China and left of Japan. The original 'Korea' was divided into South and North Korea after the Korean War. A section lies between the two countries called the DMZ (demilitarized zone) where no weapons are allowed.In South Korea, since the Korean War, there has been remarkable economic rises. It's economy went from disastrous to marvelous. Now, it has a lot of technology and its cities are well structured. Many things are going well in South Korea except for the constant rivalry with North Korea.In North Korea, since the Korean War, there has been a big economic downfall. It's economy was terrible, much like South Korea's after that war. But instead of working together to improve it, the country failed to make an economic rise. Now, the cities are dirty and the people are hungry. The communism government isn't doing much help to the failing country either. North Korean people often try to sneak into China or South Korea, but many do not succeed. Either dying from starvation or from being shot by a North Korean soldier. North Korea is making many illegal nuclear weapons and the United States is trying to trade the nuclear weapons for help. They have recently agreed, but no one yet knows how this will do.See, North Korea and South Korea are very different. North Korea is having an unsuccessful economic rise, while South Korea is known as the country with the fastest successful economic rise in the whole world. We can only hope that North Korea will fall in the footsteps of South Korea.

Who has ruled north korea since 1948?


How long has North Korea had nukes?

Since 2006

What was a cause of the Korean war?

since the end of WW2, north korea wanted to unite south korea with north korea. in 1950 north korea believed the invasion of south korea would not provoke the western powers to intercede, but the western powers did intercede and fought north korea. at the end there was a truce.

Where were North Korea and South Korea divided after the civil war?

the 38th parallel devided the north from the south since the end of WW2

Does everyone in North Korea have education?

No, actually since Kim Jong Il is the ruler of North Korea Korea is a dangerous so it's very hard to get education.

What side of Korea is communist?

North Korea is communist, since it was taken control of by Soviet Russia.

What part of Korea was communist?

North Korea is currently communist, and has been communist since WWII. It is split from South Korea along the 38th parallel.All of North Korea is Communist. Maybe not the civilians and/or other people living in North Korea, but definitely the government.

Is north Korea poor?

Yes It is, Shame on them! Hahahaha! South Korea is the rich one, Since Communism spread throughout north korea, They took one deep dive.

Does north Korea have more freedom of speech then south Korea?

Yes because north Korea is not Communist, but south Korea is. in south Korea they have absolutely zero freedom of speech.Answer:The previous answer is completely wrong. North Korea is communist and South Korea is a democracy. Most accounts assume that North Korea has almost no freedom of speach, however, much of what we know about North Korea is speculation, since it is the most isolated country in the entire world.

Were North Korea and South Korea countries?

They still are and have been since the end of World War 2.

Who has a bigger population north Korea or south Korea?

Population cannot be accurately determined in North Korea, however since there are reports of people dying of starvation, i would think that South Korea has a larger population.

Did the US declair war on Korea?

Korea is not a country.You mean either "North Korea" or "South Korea".The US did not declare war on North Korea or South Korea. Rather, North Korea declared war on South Korea, starting the Korea War.North Korea was backed by China and Russia, while South Korea was backed by the US (and UN).South Korea has always been an US ally, and have been supporting the US in all their wars since the Korean War.

How long has kim jong un ruled in north Korea?

Kim Jong-un has ruled in North Korea for about 4 years.

Has there been a different kind of government in north korea besides communist?

North Korea has consistently had the same communist government since independence in 1948. Prior to independence, North Korea had never had a communist government before.

Is Korea the capital of southwest Asia?

Since North and South Korea are both independent countries, then no. There isn't just a plain Korea, either.

What continent is pyongyang on?

Since Pyongyang is in North Korea, Pyongyang is in Asia.

What does North Korea and South Korea's city look like?

well since SK (south korea) had a very high economic rise, SK is very successful and the country is hightech and improving everyday. However, NK (north korea) has been very UNSUCCESSFUL after the Korean War and is constantly suffering from loss of money, lack of people, and other economic challenges. So you could say that NK's country looks pretty beat up.

How is North Korea not a constitutional government?

North Korea lacks anything resembling a constitution that limits the authority of the government. Since it lacks such a document, it is not a constitutional government.