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Have people been to Mars?

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Has anyone ever been to Mars?

No, nobody has been to Mars. The only places people have been is the Earth and the Moon.

Have people been on Mars?


How has Mars been explored?


How many people have been mars?

No manned missions to Mars have been sent, only unmanned ones.

Who was the first astronaut on Mars?

no one has been to mars but they are planning to send people there

What are the names of the people that have been on Mars?

No one has set foot on Mars, yet.

Have people ever been on Mars?

Not yet!

Has any people visited planet mars?

As for as is known no earthlings have ever been on Mars.

How many people have been on Mars?

Nobody from Earth has planted a foot on Mars. Yet.

Have people been to Mars since the 15th of July?

No humans have ever been to Mars. We hope to go there in the next 20 years.

What spacecraft have been to Mars?

Mars rover has been to Mars

What has been seen on Mars?

People have seen thing like dried-up rivers on Mars, suggesting that there may have been life there once.

Which people discovered Mars?

Mars was discovered beforewritten history as it has always been visible to the naked eye.

Are there people on planet Mars?

No humans have ever been to Mars. We hope to go there in the next 20 years.

Who first went to Mars?

No people have travelled to Mars so far. There have been unmanned probes, though.

Why do people visit mars?

So far, no people have visited Mars, although robotic probes have been sent there in the search for scientific knowledge.

When was Mars first sighted?

No one knows, for as long as people have been on the earth it has been there in the sky.

What do the Mars people eat when they are on the planet Mars?

There are no people on Mars, and no astronauts have visited Mars. The Moon, yes, Mars, no.

Has any one been one mars?

well, something has been on mars, the mars rover.

Where has a permanent Mars base been established?

No permanent Mars base has been established. No human has even been to Mars.

Have spacecraft visited Mars?

The mars rover has been on mars.

Who has traveled to any other planet?

Some people have been to Mars and Venus.

Do people think that you should move to mars?

No, not unless you have been really bugging them.

How long has it been since mars has been found?

Mars was found by the first person who looked at the sky. The red wandering star has been easy to see for a lot longer than people have existed.

Is it possible to travile to mars?

It has not so far been possible for people to travel to Mars although robots have been sent and are driving around sending back data and pictures.