Have scientists made progress in determining what specific genes are linked to ADHD?

Yes theres been lots of progress in genetic field. For example, in my family the 22q11 syndrome (aka Velo-Cardio Facial syndrome aka Sphrintzen syndrome aka DiGeorge syndrome) runs in my family. Its a deletion of a group of genes on the 11th arm of the 22nd chromosome, and depending on the person, can cause depression, schizophrenia, ADD, Bipolar...and also heart, kidney, nervous system issues & malformations.

Anyway, the 22q11 deletion can also cause ADD. Drugs often don't work well on ppl w/ 22q11 because of structural malformations in the receptors and CNS. Primitive, basic 'drugs' and chemicals work better for ppl w/ 22q11/Velo CArdio Facial Syndrome because their chemical make up is simpler and more easily absorbed/synthesized. Caffeine works wonders. 10 months ago I was so depressed, despite taking vitamin B complex, couldn't concentrate, ADD, all kinds of stuff. Its been that way my whole life. I had drank soda pop (coke, dr. pepper, etc) before and it had helped...but soda is really bad for you on the stomach, and the phosphoric acid in soda depletes the calcium in your body, soda also has a lot of sugar & high fructose corn syrup.

I was so depressed I was drinking alcohol a lot as self medication (yes that's an irony since alcohol is a depressant). I got in a car wreck and knew I needed to do something different. So I began drinking coffee and espresso's 10 months ago and quit alcohol. It was a small miracle. I could concentrate. I could function. I wasn't irritable anymore, I felt generally pretty good...w/ just 2-3 strong cups of coffee in the morning was all. Caffeine does alleviate ADD symptoms, period.

Coffee has many other compounds in it that can lessen the athletic-enhancing properties of the caffeine, but its a great mood booster, and probably better than Prozac or other stuff for depression & ADD. I'm considering buying some caffeine pills (100mg) and slowly replacing the coffee w/ those. I could write a lot more but this is a lot already. . cuatezon.com