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:There is better inhalers that help more in attacks. Also, medicines have advanced.
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Q: Have technological advances helped to find a cure for asthma?
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What medical advances are being made to cure asthma?

Is lizard a cure for asthma?

No. It is not a cure for asthma.

Is there any animal thay can cure asthma?

Animals cannot cure asthma but they can induce it

Does any asthma treatment cure the disease?

There are no asthma treatments that will cure asthma. Researchers are still working on it, but it can keep your asthma at bay for a short period of time where you don't have asthma attacks as often.

Is turtle cure for asthma?

i have asthma and yes its a cure for asthma, one of the best cures actually but its illegal by the goverment to kill turtles and make the medicine

What does you use to cure asthma?

there is no cure you just have to use an inhaler.

Can a seahorse cure ASTHMA?

I spent 3 hours researching the medical literature and found NO such conclusion that a seahorse will cure asthma.

Can neem cure asthma?

you answer it...bafoon.

What plants that can cure asthma?


Have they found a cure for asthma yet or is it close?

Nope no cure for Asthma yet. The only improvement the officials have made is knowing and learning more about Asthma, what to avoid and what triggers it and better treatment for it.

What is a sentence with the word asthma?

I suffer from asthma. Asthma makes my life hard. I sometimes can't sleep at night due to asthma. I wish they had a cure for asthma.

Asthma how to cure by means of herbal?

I had asthma for more that 40 years before I discovered certain herbs that helped me rid myself of the death defying disease, and I accomplished this in 30 days just with herbs...

What is asthma and how can you get it?

Asthma is a disease affecting the airways that carry air to and from your lungs. There are special drugs that help cure asthma.

Is there a cure for asthma?

No, there is no cure for asthma. However, there are many medications available to help control this disease so it can be very manageable for most individuals.

Is it true that sea horse can cure asthma?


How to cure Asthma?

Its not curable, but it is very treatable.

How do you cure asmtha?

You can't cure asthma, because of its genetic underline. This disease can be only be controled with long term medications, to prevent asthma attacks.

How long does asthma last?

Asthma can last all of your life it really depends if you have it really bad or not it is depends on if you cure you Asthma disease

Can flying lizards cure asthma?

yes the answer is yes

Is there cure for asthima disease?

No, asthma is a chronic condition.

How to cure bronchial asthma?

Its not curable, but it is very treatable.

What kind of book do you look in to cure asthma?


Can asthma be healed?

There is currently no cure for asthma. However, it can go away during the person's lifetime. Asthma can also be controlled using medications. Ask your doctor about controlling your asthma.

Is there any research being done for a cure for asthma?

There is always research being done because asthma is so common and can cause a lot of breathing problems. But there has been no cure found or cause of asthma. Try doing a search on the internet and you will probably find research done on asthma.

Can a dog cure childrens asthma?

i believe so i had asthma all my life until i got my yorkie poo. its been a year since i had asthma