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check for broke engine mounts Another thing I would look at is to check for a vacuum leak. This would acount for rough idle and poor mileage.

2007-06-29 22:36:10
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My 1984 corvette will turn over but won't start?

The 1984 Crossfire 350 very regularly had fuel pump and filter problems. Make sure it's getting fuel. I replaced the fuel pump

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What to check for Not getting power to fuel pump 1984 corvette?

Wires fuses or cylinoids

Ingersoll rand centac high speed integral gear compressor rotor bearings getting spark errosion and high vibration in the 3rd stage after several overhaulings need the reason for vibration?

Is ist possble to view the vibration specturm.

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I am starting to get vibration from my front end at high speed does anyone know what this may be?

A high speed vibration can be the result of a wheel out of balance or a tirerod end getting bad. I would have my frontend check . actionjac

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How can you increase HP in an 1986 Corvette without getting into the engine?

You can get a performance chip for the computer, and also modify your exhaust

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Do the front air dam on 1998 corvette drag a lot Is that normal?

Yes this is normal. In fact, the center piece on my 2001 is spring loaded to avoid it getting torn off. After years or steep driveways and speed bumps, it finally had to be replaced. Just try to take it easy on steep inclines

1979 Corvette won't start I have replaced the heads and retimed and adjusted the valves at least 4 times will not fire. I'm getting fuel and 12 volts DC to Dist. Turns over but won't try to start?

Check to see if you are getting spark to the plugs. your coil may be bad. If you have fuel/air then the only thing left is spark.

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Absolutely, although most auto parts stores will sell you plugs that are gaped correctly. Sometimes they are not and therefore there is not enough spark for the air and gas mixture. This will cause vibration as the gas is not getting burned.

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You are getting a lot of heat through your 1977 Corvette firewall and you know it's not the heater and ideas?

you need heat shields under the carpit if they are missing.