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Take a home test and go to the doctor.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-15 19:29:09
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Q: Having preg symptoms for about 2 weeks Really think you are as you know how it feels you have a daughter and had 2 miscarriages you are never ever late and now you are 5 days late?
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Are miscarriages always really painful?

No. My wife had a miscarriage and she said it was just like having a very heavy period with more than normal cramps.

Is it normal to stop having pregnancy symptoms after the first few weeks when i been having them?

That all depends on the symptoms and the person. If you're really concerned, your absolute best bet will always be to talk to your OB/GYN.

Had a scan at 9 weeks and everything was fine have no pregnancy symptoms but never really have and now are paranoid have had a missed miscarriage would you know?

There doesn't seem to be any reason to suspect a miscarriage, but naturally it is common to be anxious about having one. Missed miscarriages are not especially common at your stage, as most occur earlier. Speak to your doctor for reassurance if this is worrying you.

Nipples are really dark but pregnancy test is negative testing too early?

Are you having any other symptoms then that?

You just started having symptoms of a miscarriage but the home pregnancy test says negative.Could you really be having a miscarriage?

if only just pregnant then yes it wouldn't show up on a test

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If your dog has a hard tummy does that mean that she is having pups?

its one of the symptoms but doesnt really mean she is if you ever think she might be pregnant get her to a vet asap

Is there a disease disorder for having a very sensitive stomach to eating food and after eating having really bad stomach aches?

There are many possible diseases with these symptoms. I'd recommend seeing a doctor and having tests run to find out what exactly is the problem.

Are the premenstrual symptoms similar to the pregnancy symptoms?

I have had three children and each pregnancy symptoms was different so to your answer yes and no so really no one can really tell you that answer because everyone is different.

You are ttc and you ovulated on 1017 and am having a lot of cramping and no af but am having a lot of white discharge no stds or infection and no smell is this a symptom of pregnancy?

I think that white discharge and cramping are symptoms of pregnancy. I had really bad cramps in the beginning of my pregnancy and very white discharge. I think that white discharge and cramping are symptoms of pregnancy. I had really bad cramps in the beginning of my pregnancy and very white discharge.

You are trying for your second child and having been feeling some symptoms of PG although you have been told that it is way to early and that as you have been really been wanting to have another that?

relax. anxiety can bring on symptoms. good luck joymaker rn

What are the symptoms of novercaphobia?

you get really sexual

Can hydrocodone cause miscarriages?

would u plz explain to me ; what is this hydrocodone; I'm really curious since I'm pregnant too.

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if you want to know the TRUTH then write to the spongbob people and ask them but my theory is that mr.crabs adopted her for REALLY cheep.

If you are bleeding right now but have symptoms of pregnancy should you get an ultrasound?

you should take a pregnancy test from a drug store...i don't really understand why you are having symptoms when you are menstrating....yeah ultra sound is unessasary for this problem,lets faceit,that would be a bit embarassing

What are lactose intolerance symptoms?

Cramps, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. I am lactose intolerant and I did not have any of these symptoms, but I am really lactose intolerant. I got really bad stomachaches.

Are you depressed or having anxiety?

Many people are depressed or are having anxiety but some of these feelings can be controlled or alleviated with medication. The symptoms of anxiety or depression can really damage a life, so it's a good idea to check with a doctor if you feel this way.

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Could it be in your head if you have been having symptoms of being pregnant but don't have a positive test result?

Yes. A lot of whomen who want to be pregnant can actually make themselves feel symptoms. You should really wait until you are late with your period and then take another test.

Do pregnancy symptoms start sooner when you are expecting twins?

When I Was Pregnant With My Twins I Started Having Symptoms Really Soon. Like, Everyone Knew I Was Pregnant Except Me Though. I Was Like Extreamly Emotional And Sick All Day Everyday. It Wasn't Fun. But Good Luck. [:

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