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possibly the fuse for brake lights......also could be brake light switch----turn signal switch----broken wiring anywhere in the vehicle---relay not working ---any other item specific to your venicle.

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I am having the same trouble. My brake lights work with the light switch for nighttime driving, but only far right brake light works when i pres brake pedal. Reverse lights dont work at all. Turn signals and hazard light work.

It looks like the brake lights / turn signals have one of the fuses in common : In the fuse panel located under and to the left of the steering wheel , by the brake pedal , FUSE # 13 - 20 amp - for STOP LAMP SWITCH ( LAMPS ) , TURN / HAZARD FLASHER , and speed control module

Brake lights and turn signals are on a separate circuit from the tail lights. Tail lights are on the same circuit with the dashboard lights. If the dashboard lights aren't working either, check the fuse. If they ARE working, check the headlight switch.

Separate circuits, separate fuses, separate flasher relay. Check the hazard fuse, hazard flasher and hazard switch.

it could be that your brake light switch under your dash that sits right on top of your brake pedal has gone out

turn signals work butt the brake lights dont can anyone help please? cant afford a mechanic.

Well if your turn signals still work its not a short. I just fixed a pinched wire on my 96 and now my turn signals dont work. But according to a buddy of mine on there is a chance the fuse for the hazards is blown.

brake lights dont work

change the brake lights check the fuse check the brake light swtch

replace brake light switch on brake pedal

I had the same problem with my 87 Riv. It was a burnt out bulb in the rear of the car. My front signals did work and as they run on different circuits, check and replace the bulbs. Access to the back lights are inside the trunk back.

Check the fuse, the bulbs, and the brake light switch.

all my lights work except my break lights, when i push on the peddle they dont go on can you help me?

Sounds like it's simply a bad switch if you're talking about the normal headlights. If it's daytime running lights there is a "kill switch" in the handbrake that turns them on when the brake is released and off when the brake is activated.

I dont know because i dont have a FORD Check your brake light switch on the back of your brake pedal for adjustment.

The hazard and turn signals each have their own flasher relay. They should be fairly close to each other under the dash. They are the same flasher part.

Check turn signal switch. Pull back lighty on turn signal lever and brake lights will come on. Replace switch inside steering column. The green and yellow wires you see at the bulbs are the ones that control the brake lights and turn signals.

Brake pedal switch, wiring, bulbs, bad trailer harness (if there), fuses...

How to change hazard and horn reminder modeWhen LOCK and UNLOCK signals are sent from the remote controller for more than 2 seconds at the same time pressing both buttons, the hazard and horn reminder mode is changed and hazard warning lamp flashes and horn sounds.

There is a brake light switch that is probably bad. It will be mounted under the dash and will touch the "arm" of the brake. There will be a couple of wires running to it. These are inexpensive and easy to replace. They are also you might luck out and find that it is out of adjustment.

Did you replace the fuse? have you checked the circuit board well the lights go on cause they tend to short out often