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Unfortunately you shouldn't be doing anything knowing he has a girlfriend - that is just wrong. If he wants to be with you at any time he will leave his girlfriend - if he is staying with her then unfortunately that should tell you something. He may not see things the way you do - especially seeing how he has a girlfriend.

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Who is the girl frieng of vivian desena?

i know who is the girl friend of vivian. vhibz is not his real girl friend this is just kidng vivian's girlfriend should be as beautiful as he is............................

What is the full form of girl friend?

Good in real life

Does Cristiano ronaldo the famous soccer player in real Madrid has a girl friend?

Oh yes he has a girl friend.

Has Justin ever found a girl for real?

no he didn't he don't have girl friend

How do you get your friend to listen to you?

First of all is this a real friend or just a frenemy? if its a real friend then he or she should listen to you but if they are a real friend and they dont listen to you then they arent a real friend its as simple as that. if its a frenemy then i cant help. Sorry!

Should you have a one on one prom with the girl you love if you cannot take her to your real prom because you are going with a friend of yours but you really want to go with the girl you love?

If your friend is your friend they should let you go to the prom with the one you love. Being a good friend means always being there when your needed and being ok when your not needed.

Is rubina real life girl friend of Avinash Sachdev?

yes he is her real boyfriend

What to do if you hate your best friend?

Then obviously he/she is not your best friend. You should be real with your "best friend."

What new release should you take your girl friend too real steal or money ball?

if it was me i would rather go to real steel i t just depends on what she likes

Who is real girl friend of kim bum?

Kim So Eun

Who is name karan tacker real girl friend?

krystle douze

Is beck and jade boyfriend and girl friend in real life?


Is sanjana was virat kholi real girl friend?

i think she is best

There is this girl i like and i never talked to her and im shy but one of my friends likes her as well. What should i do?

you should just talk to the girl and forget about your friends and see what happens, if he's a real friend he would understand and not let a girl come between you guys.

What is Cuetes real name?

for a girl is sweet hart or if just friend then girly

Who is jaden smiths real girl friend?

I am so sad I am to young I am 12

How do you get a girl after her break up?

After her break-up, a girl maybe feeling low. Get to her and support her in her hard times. She may find you as a real friend or a real lover!

What is Courtney devine real name?

her real name is sherri littleton, she was my girl friend in high school, no BS

If a friend asks you a question and you feel uncomfortable answering what do you say to them?

Tell them that you don't want to answer it. If there a real friend then they should understand, if they try and push you into answering, then their not a real friend.

What is a bestfriend?

a best friend is someone you can trust. also a best friend is someone who if its a guy and your a girl you might marry them a best friend is a true and real friend not a fake

What does it mean if a girl calls you for no real reason?

She likes you, or if she's your friend, she wants to talk to you

Why Am I In Love With An Imaginary Girl?

Probably because she is what you would like to have in a real life girl friend. Just continue to know that she is Not real. If you are old enough why don't you try dating.

What should you do if your friend dates your ex?

Tell them how u feel about it, if they don't understand there not ur real friend!

Should a friend steel from you?

No one should steal from anyone else. A REAL friend would never betray your trust and friendship by stealing from you.

What if a friend says you like a girl and you do what do you say?

Then you need to tell that friend that if they were a real friend they wouldn't tell anyone and that they would respect ones thought toward someone.