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Do you like to wear shoes socks or go barefoot at home?

Socks. I only go barefoot when I don't intend to go back outside.

Should you let a 2 year old horse go barefoot?

You could if you are not needing to ride him on rough surfaces or paved roads. If he's still green and out on the pasture all the time, then yes, you can leave him go barefoot.

Where can I get barefoot running shoes for cheap?

To find barefoot running shoes, you should go to,,, and

Does John Cena go barefoot?

no,his feet are to tender,and after all,he is american,americans dont go barefoot

What are the release dates for Go Barefoot - 2006?

Go Barefoot - 2006 was released on: USA: January 2006

What actors and actresses appeared in Go Barefoot - 2006?

The cast of Go Barefoot - 2006 includes: Heather Clendenin

Can men go barefoot?


Would you rather go barefoot on freezing ice or on hot coals?

You can last longer on ice barefoot..

Can you go barefoot on a roller coaster?

Yes you can

Is it permitted to go barefoot in UK museums?


Does Princess Peach ever go barefoot?

No, i dont think so, she usually keeps her dress and shoes on, i never seen her take her shoes off before or even going barefoot that i never seen or saw. There is information of Princess Peach on... Wait a minute, but it has nothing to do with her being barefoot, to learn about Princess Peach, but nothing to do with here being barefoot once again, go to Go there and find info about herself, but not when she is barefoot.

Can you go barefoot in public?

Yes, it is possible. But it should also be divided into occasions. It is impolite to go barefoot on some serious occasions.

Are people barefoot in prison?

Most juvenile jails require prisoners be barefoot when locked in their cells. They leave their shoes outside in the hall. Some counties in the south make their prisoners go barefoot, including going to court barefoot and in full chains.

Why do Samoan and Tongan girls go barefoot?

Because they like it.

Where do you like to go barefoot?


Should you go barefoot to prom?

YES! I'm going to! :)

Do you wear shoes in Pilates classes?

i think its barefoot but i am not completely sure but i would go for barefoot cause i don't think you wear shoes.

Is it okay to wear socks in a mosque?

Yes u can wear socks in a mosque, it just depends in how comfortable you are. Majority of people normally go barefoot. Majority of the time I always go barefoot

Why do girls love going barefoot?

Because it's far more comfortable than wearing stiletto heels! -------------- Everyone loves to go barefoot.

Do you go bare feet on bouncy castles?

I always go barefoot. its better for your feet and you don't slip. They normally ask you to go barefoot any way.

Selena gomez barefoot?

go to wikifeet and search Selena Gomez

Should I go barefoot around my family members when I have athlete's foot?


What are the release dates for Barefoot Contessa - 2002 Afternoon Tea to Go 14-21?

Barefoot Contessa - 2002 Afternoon Tea to Go 14-21 was released on: USA: 2011

Is it let go off or let go of?

It's "let go of".

Why does Shanna the She-Devil go barefoot even in snow?

Shanna the She-Devil goes barefoot all the time because she is a jungle queen. No snow falls in the jungle.