He who made it didnt want it he who brought it didn't need it he who used it never saw it?

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Why didn't Hitler want war with the US or Britain?

\n Answer \n. \nHe saw the English and Americans as ethnic cousins to the Germans.\n. \nPlus, he knew a wider, multi-front war would be more difficult to win.\n. \n. \n Answer \n. \nHitler's great dream was a vast German empire in Eastern Europe.

What happens when you dispute a charge on your credit card you didnt authorize it but you know who made it and dont want them to go to jail it was an overseas gambling place and they didnt receive any?

Answer . \nI'm not certain I understand the entire question. However, the basics are the account holder will be responsible for the debt. If the account holder knows who used the card but refuses to identify and join the card issuer in legal action, the person automatically assumes liability for ( Full Answer )

If you told your ex to tell you if what they really wanted was to never talk to you again and they didn't respond what does that mean?

Answer It sounds like your ex is running the show and it's time you stood on your own two feet and gained strength. Never allow anyone to take your dignity away. If you have to be in contact with your ex because of children, then be pleasant and give no more. People have to earn respect, etc., and ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the US want to enter World War I?

My Answer . The us was reluctant to enter world war 1 simply because they wanted to remain neutral. They wanted to remain neutral so that innocent lives were not wasted in bombings by the Axis Powers.

You brought car didn't pass inspection what can you do?

Answer . You may have recourse with the selling dealer. I would give the seller an opportunity to fix it. If he refuses, then contact your state Atty. General. Ask him if the dealer is responsible for a car sold that cannot pass emissions. Also the emissions warranty on most cars is longer than ( Full Answer )

What does a saw shark use it saw for?

First let me explain one thing. The "saw" on the saw shark is realy its teeth so it uses its "saw" to slice 'n dice its food. It can also stun fish, that way this shark can eat the fish without chasing it. It protects the shark because of its enemies and no - maybe from its prey or predators.

What is the mystery zone for in Pokemon and if Nintendo didn't want us to cheat and we are never able to get into the mystery zone how come it has the name mystery zone built into the game?

Although you can go to mystery zone with AR you can also tweak it. tweaking it means you can cheat with out AR BUT IT MORE RISKY and can be stuck in darkness forever and force to start a new game. This mystery zone tweak is made so you can catch the legendary Pokemon Darkria and Shaymim. reasons why ( Full Answer )

Boyfriend thinks I dumped him when I didnt I tried contacting him and telling him I didn't and how much I miss him and he wont respond and I want to get back together?

There is obviously some miscommunication going on between you two on both parts - there is no room for games when it comes to a relationship. If he hasn't responded or spoke with you at this point chances are he may have found out the situation and still has decided that he wants things to be this w ( Full Answer )

You cheated on your bf with a girl. At the time you didnt see it as cheating since you have had 3somes before. you didn't meant to hurt him. How do you make him see you never will hurt him again?

Think of it this way would you have thought he was cheating if he was with that girl because you had threesomes before...chances are yes and you would be jealous. You two have to define your relationship are you monogamous or are you going to have a open relationship. You need to talk to one another ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the US want to join World War 1?

When World War I began, many Americans were reluctant to join the war to avoid involvement in Europe's "petty squabbles" (as it saw them), and didn't feel that it was a threat to the US. They did send Britain essential war materials to help them during earlier parts of the war. The First World War s ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the US want to get involved in World War 1?

The united states until after WW2 had An isolationist view of the world meaning that they only wanted to handle their own business and not get involved in other countries affairs if they felt that it wasn't an immediate threat to their own security for further info just look up WW1 on Wikipedia or u ( Full Answer )

Can you get pregnant if you didnt use protection for one day and your partner never came inside you and has a un-curcumsized penis?

There are three questions. I will try to answer them separately -- hope you will understand. 1)if you didnt use protection:- At the very least you exposed yourself to a sexually transmitted disease. Have a chat with a medical professional or go to a free clinic for a test. You don't want to be ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the US want communism to spread in Vietnam?

By its nature it required the removal of capitalism in any region it was used. Because the US is based on capitalism, it was associated with other standards of the US system of society and thus a "threat to democracy and freedom".

Which US General saw the need for a US Navy?

George Washington may have suggested it, but Congress commissioned the Navy on Oct. 13, 1775. John Adams stated " a navy is our natural and only defense". Since the question does not give time frame Congress is given the credit for the establishment of the navy.

You brought a 91 regal that has been sitting for a few years you had to jump the battery to start that day the next morning it didnt start do you need a new battery?

Does the Battery Need Replacement? Probably, YES. Automotive batteries tend to self-discharge after a few months, and in a discharged state, they tend to develop a bad condition called "sulphating," which results in internal high resistance shorting within the battery. As long as that battery ( Full Answer )

A guy used to like me and asked me out but i didnt want to go out with him now he likes someone else but i want him to like me now how?

You have to ask yourself a few questions first: 1. First of all, does he really likes this new girl and does she likes him as if they do you should move as you dont want to be the one that wrecks what they have. 2. Do you want him to like you because you have decided you like him in that way or b ( Full Answer )

What is the grammar rule for didn't see and didn't saw?

When you form the Negative and the Interrogative of a Past Tense verb, you use the auxiliary TO DO in the Past Tense = DID + the Short Infinitive of the respective verb (the Infinitive minus TO). The information that we are dealing with a Past Tense is included in the auxiliary verb, so we don't nee ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the US want to invade japan?

We didn't invade Japan because they predicted 500,000 Americancasualties. The perfection of the Atomic Bomb, made invasionunnecessary.

My five-year-old brought a note home from school that said they wanted to test her but didn't say why -- should I be worried What could it mean?

There is ALWAYS a reason to be worried. They may be concerned she has a condition, like Aspergers. But, it could just be that she is really smart, and she may be able to move up a grade. You should call the school and ask. Added : Speaking as a longtime parent and professional worrier, don't st ( Full Answer )

Why didn't England want to get involved in the US Civil War?

Because it was a Civil War in a foreign country and Britain was too busy trading throughout the world to get involved. Which side was Britain supposed to "get involved" with, the North with its' mass production industries or the South where most of the cotton for British industry came from?

Why didn't the US want to attack north Vietnam?

You meant "invaded." Just so you'll know, North Vietnam was attacked, and consistently, commencing in 1964 by US Naval air units (A4 Skyhawks and F8 Crusaders mostly). In fact, during the course of the war, North Vietnam had more aerial bombs dropped on it, than all of Germany did by the US during W ( Full Answer )

Why didn't the US want George Washington to be a king?

After fighting the British king in a long battle for independence no reasonable person wanted a king. The trouble with kings is that even if you pick a good one , as Washington might have been, how do you pick the next king? Surely there is no reason to think the king's son or next of kin will be go ( Full Answer )

Is it true the US didn't want to be neutral at the beginning of WW2?

Due to the massive amount of deaths in WWI, "the war to end all wars", most Americans wanted to stay out of WWII, until the USA was attacked by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Sunday, Dec. 7, 1941. Then the vast majority of Americans wanted to fight a necessary war.

Why the north didnt want slaves?

They don't need them. They don't have big plantations like they do in the south. And they think it is wrong and they are against it.

What do you do if you were adopted into a family you didnt want to be in?

I don't know how long ago the adoption was but it takes about 2 years until you all start to feel like a family so be patient. They are your parents now and depending on where you live are you not allowed to choose until you are 18 years old. I would imagine you were very little when adopted since t ( Full Answer )

Can you file for custody of your friends child if she left him with you for 3 months never came back and told you she didnt want him?

You can petition to be appointed the child's guardian. However, the situation should be reported to the authorities since the mother has abandoned her child. You should speak with an advocate at the family court, child protective services or an attorney who specializes in custody issues if possible. ( Full Answer )

How did the circular saw run when it didn't use electricity?

Type your answer here... The modern circular saw is a scaled down version of the large sawmill blade driven by belts, gears and pulleys powered by a water wheel, first used in England in the late 1700's. Small hand held circular saws were not practical or safe until small electric motors were in ( Full Answer )

Who never saw death in the Bible?

No one. According to Scripture, all mankind will face death due tothe fall in the Garden (see Genesis 3). Popular interpretations have Enoch and Elijah in the Old Testamentas not dying but being taken up into the 'Highest' or Third Heaven.However, a close reading of the related Scripture and in the ( Full Answer )