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Headache early pregnancy?


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It is common for some women to experience headache in the early part of their pregnancies. Only a doctor can diagnose your actual problem though, so please seek the help of a qualified physician or headache specialist for advice.


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Its possible but you wouldn't be experiencing pregnancy symptoms this early. It may be a UTI or implantation bleeding.

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HiSigns of early pregnancy are:Missed periodBreast tendernessDarkening of AerolaAbdominal crampingIncrease in vaginal dischargeTirednessNausea or vomitingHeadache

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It can be. But it could also just be that, a bad long lasting headache due to perhaps stress. If it persists see your doctor. Get him/her to do a blood test for a possible pregnancy. Pregnancy headaches can start as early as 7-10 dpo as the hcg level begins to rise.

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Cramping, bleeding, clots in the blood, loss of pregnancy symptoms, back pain, headache, and feeling dizzy or faint are all signs of miscarriage. If you have these signs go to the ER immediately.

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