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Ok.By headlights I figure the question to be in reference to the illumination found on the front of most night-drivable(or day) automobiles/vehicles Asking the question as un-specific as this one makes for some serious detail and explaining,as one can take the matter to very small detail. Not knowing the objective of the question preposer,I shall attempt to answer it with some clarity. Headlights/headlamps on automobiles ALL consist of some one or other light -emitting device fitted to the vehicle,and are electrically powered. This power is sourced fromk the electric-producing devices fitted on the car,and again almost always are generators/alternators somehow connected to the engine its self.Essentialy,these devices are mechanical -to-electric converting devices. The most common type of luminair used on vehicles at this stage in time is nothing more than incandecent bulbs,IE:devices that consist of a thin high-heat capable wire "burning" in a gas-filled glass enclosure. As is well known,electricity must be fed and returned for any electrical device to function.This usually consists of two connection points,one one each end of that "burning" wire.That said and understood,the matter of plotting/devising a "plan" (wiring diagram) becomes relatively simple. The first thing to do is determine what lamp type one plans to use in that particular installation.Basically,there are two types of lamp type(type as in the amount of connection points are provided on the device). a-lamps with two connection points, b-lamps with three connection points Prime examples of two connection -point types are the H3 and the H7.H3 types,if looked at,will be reconized by having one connection terminal mounted on the rear of the lamp,and having a round(and some small squares attached to that round base)base.In this case,the connection pin will be the one connecting point,and the round metalic base being the other.H7 lamps will have two pins to connect too,and a metalic base. Three connection lamps will have three connection pins.These lamps are nothing more than two filaments(that burning wire coil) built into one glass housing.To better understand this,imagine two lamps connected in series.The one wire would be connected to the first lamps input,the second wire to the other end ,and the third wire connected to the second lamps other end Having figured this out,and the lamp type that you have,the question of wiring diagrams will not be necessary,as the whole business of wiring the head-lights into a vehicle becomes self-evident. However,the CONTROLLING of these headlights,and the intended final objective becomes a matter of futher discussion. Should you need futher advice,return-post to this answer.

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Q: Headlight wiring diagram 1 light not lighting up all the way?
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