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Health benefits of Ginger Tea?

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2010-06-16 13:48:10

Ginger is Zingiber officinale.,and its principal active

constituent is zingeberine, this makes the the blood thin, and act

as anti-clotting agent. So it is good herbal remedy for blood

pressure patients.people who have a problem of swelling feet after

sitting a longer time should use daily at least 1 gram fresh ginger

steep it for a 3-4 min, their problem will be solved in few days, I

used this for my Mom and she went through all 19 hour journey to

USA with out any problem. which she experienced when she came to

Pakistan. it is anti-inflammatory and stop the inflammation,

strengthen the kidney, remove swellings by effectively circulating

the blood removing standstill, if both honey and ginger are used in

tea it cure the problem of cold hands and feet.

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