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heater core could be plugged, also check for low coolant

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Q: Heat only blows warm when car is moving at idle air goes cold replaced thermostat still no change car is a 2000 Pontiac grand prix se 3.1 v6?
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Engine runs cold in 2001 Z3 roadster Is there a fuse or switch for the thermostat so you could check if its bad BMW won't tell and want to have thermostat and housing replaced?

If your dashboard gauge is ok and the needle is moving when the engine start to warm up but never attempt the middle you have to check the thermostat as follow: you start the cold engine and carefully you keep your hand on the hose which transfer the cooling fluid from engine to radiator. If immediatelly after starting the engine the hot water goes through the hose, is 100% shure that thermostat is blocked open and needs to be replaced. A blocked thermostat in the position closed will cause more damaged because the engine will be overheated and the headgasket will be "burned".

Can a water pump be replaced on a ford mini van without raising the engine?

I think you can change the water pumps on all vehicles without moving the engine

2001 Chevy Impala temperature gauge not working?

You could have a bad thermostat....mine wasn't moving at all and the fan would come on at start up.Make sure to clear your computer after you change it.

Where are the water pump and thermostat in a 1992 Nissan Sentra and how do you change them?

located between the firewall and the motor on the trans side takes a bit of time and a lot of trouble but you can do it w/o moving the ac lines

What does it mean when the left side of your radiator was smoking and it damaged the radiator cap when you took it off there was a lot of coolant in the radiator?

Your water pump might be broken or your thermostat might need to be replaced. You obviously don't have a leak so somehow the fluid isn't moving through the engine. If the thermostat is broken it will not let fluid into the engine and then the engine will overheat and the radiator will release smoke.

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Why does car heat up when idling and cool down when moving?

It is more than likely a thermostat

What is the normal operating temperature for a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix GT?

195 degrees I believe, but you can check your owners manual or one on Pontiac's website. The normal operating temperature with a stock thermostat is one line past the 1/4 mark. If you idle in traffic for long periods it can creep up a couple of lines but will/should come back down when you start moving. Hope this helps. "G"

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Where is the thermostat located in 1986 Toyota Camry 191.2 engine 4-cylinder?

Follow the upper radiator hose towards the engine block, The part the hose clamps to is the thermostat housing, the thermostat is located under this, generally this requires moving 2 or 3 bolts to acces the thermostat.

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