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Hello I have a problem with your 2000 Galant It seems when Im driving at faster than 65 the cars steering feels spongy or floaty if that's what you want to describe it like the steering is loose?

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2008-02-22 21:16:45

Well this could be a problem or a manufacture standard as in: #1

If this was a manufacture standard this wording you use "loose" is

actually called stability .As you know as you drive faster your car

gets lighter so that depends on the cars weight and another thing

which could be a problem... #2 If it was not the weight then its a

problem with your car's suspension it's simple though ,you should

consult a mechanic for this issue as you need to tighten your car's

base ,and stiff the suspension more... You should send your car to

the maintenance ,they will do this work regularly... Hope I


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