Help im 15 coming 16 this october and im pretty sure im pregnant but how do you tell your parents plus im scared that they'll throw me out and what their reaction will be to it help?

OK first of all take a test so you know if you are pregnant or not. And yes they will probably get angry if you are but that doesn't mean they will throw you out. They are obligated by law to care for you until you are of legal age and have no right to throw you out. So:

1. Take a test.

2. If you are pregnant tell your mom first in private and then she can tell your dad.

3. Make an appointment at the doctor to find out how far along you are. The doctor will also present you with your choices which are keeping it, adoption or abortion. It's important to know that the deciscion is all yours. NOT your parents or the doctor or anyone elses. YOU are the guardian of the fetus.

4. If you decide to keep it make a life plan. 60% drops out of highschool so don't be one of them. You and the father has to plan for daycare, money to pay for the child, school, possible jobs, custody and visitation schedule etc.

If you decide on adoption contact a agency and start looking for a family.

If you decide on abortion make an appointment. You will most likely need your parent(s) notification since most states require that from a minor but if they don't want to give that to you you can also get a waiver from court. You find more about that on the Planned Parenthood site.

5. Talk it through with the father so you know where he stands. He has also no right to decide but he should know don't you think? Think of this practically because relationships at this age very rarely works so don't plan thinking you will be a couple because statistics show otherwise.

Remember that this is your choice. Even trying to talk you into either choice is illegal in many states. Make what is right for you. And poarents will panic and be upset. That is because they care about you and this is not exactly in their plans for you and can be scary. They want what is best for you and is probably scared you wont finish school etc.

No go take that test so you don't have to wonder anymore. There is no age limit on home pregnancy tests. And for the future; there is also no age limit on birth control. You don't need parental consent for that. So wether you are pregnant now or not it's a good idea to get some. The pill+condom or the shot+condom for instance.