Hematologis use what tools?

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How many animals use tools?

Certain fish are known to use toolsA good few types of bird are known to use toolsMany primates use tools (including man)Certain types of whale and dolphin use toolsElephants are known to use toolsSea otters are know to use toolsCertain octopuses use toolsBears have been known to use toolsAlligators have been known to use toolsSome people also believe they have observed ants using tools.

What Tools does a Mammalogist use?

what tools do a Mammalogist use

What tools do physicists use?

what tools does physiscist use?

Tools you use for diabetes?

What tools do you have to use for diabetes?

What tools did Australopithecus use?

what tools did Australopithecus use

What tools do the Comanches use?

what did the Comanche use for tools

What tools did homo heidelbergensis use?

They first use make up tools, then spa tools, bathing tools, food tools, calculator tools, school tools, metal tools, glass tools, mechanic tools and hair tools

What tools do a botanist use?

they use microscopes and other tools

What did Mojave indeans use for tools?

what did the Indians use for tools

What kind of tools did they use?

what kind of tools did the cavemen use.

What tools did newton use?


What is the definition of 'tools'?

Tools are something you use to do a job.

What tools do hospitals use?

That's like asking what tools a carpenter uses. They use a mulitude of tools.

What tools do they use in Monaco?

The same kinds of tools they use anywhere. -Tools are not part of a countries culture.

What tools do Germans use?

Germans use tools for making stuff

What types of tools do surgeons use?

what types of tools do surgeons use?

What tools do mechanical engineers use?

Mechanical engineers use tools.

What tools did a colonial pewterer use?

what tools do olonial pewters use

What tools did the Australopithecus use?

The australopithecus did not use tools. The Homo Habilis (Handy Man) created tools. And the tools got better and better from then on.

What tools did miners use in the 1800?

Tools For mining

What tools did they use in ancient Egypt?


What tools did the ojibwe use to hunt with?


What tools did a colonial doctors use?

they were tools

What tools do miners use?

They use lights on the top of their helmets and digging tools.

What tools did Egyptians use to build tombs?

what tools did they use inside the tombs