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The Missouri Compromise.

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The Maine, Missouri, Clay's, or Henry's compromise

The Missouri Compromise The Compromise of 1850 The Kansas-Nebraska Act.

The agreement to create a two-house legislature became known as The Great Compromise.

Henry Clay was the man who drafted a series of proposals that became known as the Compromise of 1850. The proposals reconciled competing northern and southern concerns over the expansion of slavery into Missouri and the western territories conquered from Mexico.

Clays are technically known as phyllosilicates.

Henry Twdor, known as Henry Tudor, who became King Henry VII after Richard III was killed at the Battle of Bosworth.

He started a school for navigators. And became known as Prince Henry the Navigator.

Harry Powers is also known as Henry Johnson. He became known as the "Gentleman Bushranger".

The Missouri Compromise, otherwise known as the Compromise of 1820 was when Maine and Missouri became a state. Maine became a free state, while Missouri became a slave state in order to keep a balance of slave to free state ratio. Also, anything below the 36°30' line was known to be a slave state, and everything north of it was free from slavery.

The Great Compromise was also known as the Connecticut Compromise.

Prince Henry of Portugal proved that it was, although Henry never went on any explorations himself, he became known as Prince Henry the Navigator.

James Monroe was the President in 1820 when Maine became a state, along with Missouri, in what was known as the Missouri Compromise.

Henry Clay (1777 - 1852), called the 'Great Pacificator' or 'Great Compromiser,' in remembrance of his efforts in the 1820 Missouri Compromise.

The father of Henry VIII (1491-1547) was Henry VII (1457-1509). Before his accession, Henry VII was known as Henry Tudor; and he became the first monarch of the House of Tudor.

The compromise was known as the Connecticut Compromise. They reached this compromise by the delegates debating and then they came up with a legislature with two houses: the House of Representatives and the Senate. This is all about my homework ! lol ! i need help too !

Maine became the 23rd state on March 15, 1920 as part of the Missouri Compromise. It is known as the Pine tree state.

In 1840 Illinois was a free state. It was only after a bill passed known as The Compromise of 1850 that cessation and Civil War were avoided. Those drafting the Compromise were Stephen Douglas and Henry Clay.

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