Hercules the greek god

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Hercules was a greek god he was turned a god by zeus when hercules burned himself zeus thoght he sufferd enogh and made him the god of heros

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Q: Hercules the greek god
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Who was Hercules the greek god?

He was not a god

What is the difference between Heracles and Hercules?

"Hercules" is the Roman name for the Greek god "Heracles" .

Is Hercules a myths?

Hercules is the son of he Greek god Zeus and herra he's Greek

Who is the Greek God of wrestling?

The Greek God of wrestling is the half-god Hercules (Roman Mythology) or Herakles (Greek Mythology). Hercules like to wrestle his guests to exhaustion and then kill them.

Is Hercules a roman myth?

Hercules is the son of he Greek god Zeus and herra he's Greek

What was the job of the greek god Hercules?

He was not exactly a Greek god. He was a Greek demigod (half god, half human) who is widely known for the Labors of Hercules, given to him by Hera in revenge for being born.

Was Hercules a Roman god?

no, he's greek

Is God the father of Hercules?

Zeus the king of the Greek Gods was the father of Hercules.

Is Hercules one of the gods in greek mythology?

yes, Hercules is one of the gods in greek mythology. he is the son of Zeus he is a demi-god he was made a god when he was about to die

Who is or what is meant by Hercules?

Hercules was a greek god. he was the son of zeus. he was very strong and trustworthy.

Is Hercules the son of God Yahweh?

no, Hercules is of greek origin and yahweh is Hebrew. they are unrelated

Which greek hero was named a god after his death?