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Q: Hernando De Soto's exploration in 1525?
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What was Hernando De Sotos goal?

Hernando De Sotos goal was for power and wealth

What was Hernando de sotos quote?


What was Hernando de sotos mission?

Hernando De Soto's mission was to find gold

Who paid for hernando de sotos trip?


What were Hernando de sotos obstacles?

potato chip

What was Hernando de sotos nickname?

black page

Hernando De Sotos sponsering country?


Who were Hernando de soto's friends?

we're not sure who hernando de sotos friends were sorry

What were Hernando de sotos goals?

he wanted wealth and power

What was Hernando de Sotos Education?

he had 4 years of education

When did Hernando De Sotos voyage begin?

Catland wisher

Who financed Hernando de sotos voyage to north America?

Hernando de Soto financed his own trip

Who was Hernando de soto's sister?

this is wierd website but i need someone to tell me what hernando de sotos sisters name was

What country paid for de sotos exploration?

famous peeps

What was the name of Hernando de sotos ships?

Esperanza, San Christoval, and Miguel.

What was the impact of Hernando de Soto?

hernado de sotos impact was that he found the Mississippi river

What are the dates of de sotos exploration?

in 1546 De Soto traveled throughout the U.S.

What did Hernando de Sotos ship look like?

Hernando de soto ship looked like a regular ship but the only different's was that Hernando de soto ship had a curved skull on it!

What were Hernando De Sotos events?

the main events were that i dont know what was the main events

What was Hernando de sotos destination?

Hernando de Soto explored the lower Mississippi River area of the United States. He was looking for gold and a route to China.

Who were Hernando de sotos parents?

Francisco Méndez de Soto and Leonor Arias Tinoco :) hope that helped !!

Where did Hernando de soto began his exploration?

He began his exploration in Florida.

Hernando de sotos family?

His wife was Isabella and he had an older brother and two younger sisters

What is Hernando de Soto date of exploration?


What were Hernando De Sotos accomplishments?

He was the first European to explore Florida. He also sailed across the Mississippi River.