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Try to write with full words and make sure other people could understand what you write.

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Q: Hey Dog - I you see that you posted info on Sterlingworth Shotguns in the past - can you help me with info on 12 ga serial number 125900 Thanks Tim?
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Can you find info about the fox sterlingworth side by side 16 ga double barrel shotgun serial number 354468?

Your Serial number indicates that your Fox Sterlingworth shotgun was made in the year 1919.It was one of the first 268 shotguns made that year out of a total production of 800 for the year 1919.I hope that you find this informative.

What year is sterlingworth 12 gauge serial number 110820?

Your A.H.Fox sterlingworth 12ga.shotgun was made in the year 1927,with the serial number that you provided.

Can you tell when a Fox Sterlingworth side by side 12 ga double barrel shotgun with the serial number 953xx was made?

Looks like 1922. thanks for the help

What is the value of a Fox Sterlingworth shotgun serial number 130544?

Need a detailed description

What is the value of a fox strerlingworth shotgun SN 351903?

Your serial number indicates that you have a Fox sterlingworth 16ga.shotgun.These shotguns were made from 1910-1942.The value of these shotguns on a percentage basis will be from 300-1,000 dollars depending on the finish remaining being between 10%-80%of the original finish remaining,and a good set of bores.Because you have a 16Gauge shotgun you may add 50% to the above stated values.You may also add 25% if your shotgun has a single trigger.

What is the value of a Fox Sterlingworth 12ga shotgun with double triggers and a serial number of 138790?

Blue Book of Gun Values will help.

Can you find the age of a webley and Scott shotgun by the serial number?

Yes. Website: Double Barreled Shotguns, High Grade Shotguns Dates of Production

What is a browning number 34881PR152.THANKS?

Please include the model number and serial number to your browning to get the correct answer to your question.

How do you find caliber or gauge of savage arms sterlingworth shot gun also grade and year built?

your A H fox Sterlingworth shogun should be marked as far as the gauge is concerned.I would look on the barrels or on the receiver after you take the barrels off.As far as the age of your shotgun is concerned,that can be determined if you supply the serial number of your shotgun.

What year is an Ithaca shotgun with serial number 3714966893?

That is a phone number, not a serial number. Ithaca did not make 3 billion shotguns.

What can you tell about a fox sterlingworth 12 gauage shotgun serial number 14002 with savage arms corporation utlica ny US and special alloy forged steel on the barrels?

The Fox sterlingworth was made from 1910-1942 by the company Fox A.H.You mentioned that your shotgun is marked by the savage arms corp.Utica NY.This facility made the Fox Sterlingworth from 1930-1946.There should be a letter prefix that would better help identify the year of manufacture,but you did not list it here in this post.i hope this helps?

Find info about fox sterlingworth serial number 362827?

without more specifics on the gun (condition, gauge, barrel length, etc.) all i can really say is that serial number is for a gun manufactured in 1927

What is the value of a 12 gauge Sterlingworth double barrel shotgun serial A36555?

Exactly how is the shotgun marked (all markings), and double-check the serial number.

Can you find info about the Fox Sterling worth 12 ga double barrel shotgun serial number 53211?

All the serial lists I have on the 12ga Sterlingworth have the numbers starting at 53800 in 1910. Can you verify that number?

How can you tell the model number on Hercules shotguns?

You will have to find old catalogs and compare pictures/features.

What is the phone number of the Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas Texas?

The phone number of the Thanks-Giving Square is: 214-969-1977.

How old is your Winchester model 120 shotgun serial number L1928054?

The best that I can do is say that all Winchester model ranger shotguns(of which yours is one) were made from 1983 onward.Most of these shotguns serial numbers were not kept in the records of Winchester as to the serial number and year of manufacture.

Can you find info about the Fox Sterlingworth side by side 12 ga double barrel shotgun serial number 118923?

I appreciate any information you can provide as this was my great grandfather"'s shotgun?

What is the phone number for the bank of Scotland?


Is 0.59 a rational or irrational number?


What is the value of crescent shotguns?

What is the Model, Serial Number and date of the Crescent Firearms shotgun which you want a value on?

How do you tell which years different Ithaca model 37 20 ga shotguns were produced?

By the serial number.

Where is the serial number on a wards Hercules shotgun?

Serial numbers were not required on rifles and shotguns until 1968.

Who to contact for serial number for my gun?

Not certain I understand what you are asking. If your gun HAS a serial number, it should be stamped into the metal of the receiver (frame). In the US, serial numbers were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968. Many older rifles and shotguns- especially .22 rifles, have never had a serial number, and they are perfectly legal,

What year was a WesternField Automatic 12 gauge with a serial number of 18194 made in And how much is it worth?

I have #18344 and would like the same info.If a model number could be supplied,then I could hopefully cross reference the maker of these shotguns and give you a date,or time period in which your shotguns were produced.