Hey i have a 1990 cavalier and you just put a new motor in it the new motor has about 120000 k on it and the pump isn't bringing the fuel to the fuel rail what should i do?

First, verify the pump is working, numerous ways to do this, but easiest is turn the key on, and listen for the noise it will make. It will only work for 5 seconds tops so listen carefully. If it makes the noise, make sure its actually getting in the rail.. Safest way is to use a pressure gauge on the fuel rail. If you dont have a guage... Cycle the key a few times to get fuel up there, and see if it will release any fuel out the tester end on the rail, where you would put the guage if you had it. Dont smoke, have no sparks, heater, electrical plugs, around either, and stand as far back as possible, as the fuel will squirt out alot, if the pump is working correct. If you got fuel, you got spark problems. No fuel... Check the fuel pump relay under the hood. Should be on the drivers side firewall on the strut tower. Make sure you got power to it, the big red wire, use a tester, and make sure the fuse is good, or put in a known good fuse. Hope this helps.