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Um... they have a little brother named Frankie Jonas... Does that aswer your question??

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 03:52:24
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Q: Hey little brother by Jonas brothers?
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Did the Jonas Brothers sing or write a song called Hey Little Brother?

they sing a song called Hey Little Brother but i think someone else wrote it. Eric Scott Smith wrote it.

What are the lyrics to hey you by the Jonas Brothers?

The Jonas Brothers don't have a song called "Hey You." Try searching for the Song "Hey Baby."

Say hi to rebecca Jonas Brothers?

Hey Rebecca.It's us, The Jonas Brother.So, hi!Love,Nick, Joe and Kevin.

Jonas brothers Naked Brothers Band?

ummmm Jonas bros... i don't like them but hey they r better than the outher band.

Do the Jonas Brothers have a new song out?

yes they do it is called hey you

Dis the Jonas Brothers get the name 'Jonas Brothers' from someone else?

They didn't steal it or anything. They were thinking of naming their band Sons Of Jonas. Jonas is their last name - they are really brothers. They were thinking of a name to call themselves, and they went up on stage and said "Hey, we're the Jonas Brothers!" and it caught on...

Hey Jonas brothers?

Yeah? What's up. I guess. Um....

Will Nick Jonas from the Jonas brothers date some one 12?

Yes, its possible. IF Nick Jonas liked her enough--hey, there's always a chance. :)

What do the Jonas brothers do when they see a cute girl?

hey gurl im nick Jonas and i do this............................................. i look at her and check her out and then i ask her out and im the real nick Jonas this is my nuber 1323-875-8753

How old was the Jonas brothers dog when it died?

Hey, it's Nick! Our dog, Elvis never died!

Hey Jonas Brothers Can you please come to my school in Florida for a fundraiser You may choose the date. We can pay very little and the fifth grade really wants to go to Universal this school year?

This question is something you must put past the Jonas Brothers themselves. Log onto a fan website of theirs, or send them fanmail, but this question cannot be answered on WikiAnswers.

How do you throw a banana peel away?


Script for Willy Russell's blood brothers?

hey, u mite wanna try bitesize? Jonas bothers

When are the Jonas brothers coming to San Antonio again?

very soon teard hey are san deigo lovers i h

Hey miley you wanted to know if you liked your sisters better than your brothers?

No like my brother more.

Which member of the Jonas Brother band has diabetes?

Nick Jonas, the youngest member of the Jonas Brother band, indeed has diabetes. yes, nick is diabetic. he wrote a song on it, called a little bit longer. when he came to bham, England, he told us all about it, and made a brilliant speech on it. i am so glad that i can say "hey, yh, i have heard nick Jonas speak about his diabeties, here, in bham, in the lg arena, on the world tour 09, and he was amazing. he isn't gonna let that slow him down ='] i am so proud of him"

Hey Matt why did you help out your brother on smackdown your biggest fan b-rad?

because i want to be brothers again.

What are the Jonas Brothers top songs?

The Jonas Brothers have different albums and many songs... They list the names of the albums and the song title is right next to them. 6 Minutes" It's About Time "7:05" It's About Time "A Little Bit Longer" A Little Bit Longer"Appreciate" * Nick Jonas solo career Nicholas Jonas"Australia" Jonas Brothers "Baby Bottle Pop theme song" * Commercial Jingle Jonas Brothers "BB Good" A Little Bit Longer "Burnin' Up" A Little Bit Longer "Can't Have You" A Little Bit Longer "Crazy Kinda Crush On You"* Nicholas Jonas "Dear God"* * Nick Jonas solo career Nicholas Jonas "Don't Tell Anyone" - "Don't Walk Away" * Nick Jonas solo career Nicholas Jonas "Eternity" - "Games" Jonas Brothers "Girl of My Dreams" Disney Channel Holiday"Goodnight and Goodbye" Jonas Brothers "Got Me Going Crazy" A Little Bit Longer "Gotta Find You" * From the film Camp Rock Camp Rock "Hello Beautiful" Jonas Brothers"Hello Goodbye" * Beatles cover A Little Bit Longer "Hey, We're Gonna Be Alright" * Nick Jonas solo career Nicholas Jonas "Higher Love" * Nick Jonas solo career Nicholas Jonas "Hold On" Jonas Brothers "Hollywood" Jonas Brothers "I Am What I Am" It's About Time "Infatuation" A Little Bit Longer (Japanese Edition) "I Wanna Be Like You" * From the film The Jungle Book DisneyMania 5 "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" - "I Will Be the Light" * Nick Jonas solo career Nicholas Jonas "Inseparable" Jonas Brothers "Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)" * Nick Jonas solo career Nicholas Jonas "Joyful Kings" All Wrapped Up "Just Friends" Jonas Brothers "Kung-fu Grip" - "Kids of the Future" Jonas BrothersIt's About Time "Live to Party" A Little Bit Longer "Lovebug" A Little Bit Longer "Mandy" Jonas Brothers "Move On" - "Nick J is Off Da Chain" - "On The Line" * Duet with Demi Lovato Don't Forget "One Day at a Time" It's About Time "One Man Show" A Little Bit Longer "Out of This World" Jonas Brothers "Play My Music" * From the film Camp Rock Camp Rock "Please Be Mine" It's About TimeNicholas Jonas "Poor Unfortunate Souls" * From the film The Little Mermaid The Little Mermaid "Pushin' Me Away" A Little Bit Longer "Shelf" A Little Bit Longer"Sorry" A Little Bit Longer "S.O.S" Jonas Brothers"Still In Love With You" Jonas Brothers "Take a Breath" Jonas Brothers "Take On Me" * A-ha cover - "That's Just the Way We Roll" Jonas Brothers "This is Me" * Duet with Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato * From the film Camp Rock Camp Rock "Time for Me to Fly" It's About TimeNicholas Jonas "Tonight" A Little Bit Longer"Underdog" It's About Time "Video Girl" A Little Bit Longer "What I Go to School For" * Busted cover It's About Time "When You Look Me In the Eyes" Jonas BrothersNicholas Jonas "We Got the Party" * Duet with Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana 2: Rock Star Edition "We Rock" * From the film Camp Rock Camp Rock "Won't Let You Go" - "Wrong Again" * Nick Jonas solo career Nicholas Jonas "Year 3000" * Busted cover Jonas Brothers "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" DisneyMania 4 "You Just Don't Know It" It's About Time

What is Jenna's brother's name on Pretty Little Liars?

Hey! His name is Toby Cavanaugh.

How old is mattybs brother now in 2011?

hey i love your musice how old r u brothers and witch one is your twin

Are there lots of Jonas Brothers fans in Sheffield?

Hey. I'm one I wanna find others too! I feel lonesome!

Where is Oh no my brother you have to get your own a quoted from?

Hudlin brothers commercial for Hey Love soul music compilation, later repeated ad nausem in House Party.

Hey joe nick and Kevin can you come to my house i am a big fan i know every thing about you. you guys are my insprashun you inspired me to write songs?

why thank you! -jonas brothers

What songs are on the first Jonas brother album?

The Jonas Brother's first album, It's About Time, tracks are # I Am What I Am # Mandy # One Day At A Time # Time For Me To Fly # 6 Minutes # You Just Don't Know It # Underdog # Don't Tell Anyone # 7:05 # Hey, We're Gonna Be Alright # Dear God

Will the Jonas Brothers ever show in Florida again?

hey i don't know if you ever heard of me. I'm basketballroks/msheelys. I have a webkinz and poptropica account. I am also am a fan of the Jonas brothers. Question yes they will return to Florida. In their Burnin' up tour. ( if I'm wrong, I'm sorry. I don't get much Jonas Brothers update.) check out more answered questions from me. Here are the List of questions I answered: I'll have more updated answers on === ===