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I'm not a doctor, but "starving" yourself is not a good way to lose weight. The problem is that while you lose weight, you also put stress and strain on your body. This may cause problems for you later in life. I'm worried that you may think you need to lose weight, but in reality you don't really, or don't need to lose much. Talk to your parents. If they tell you that you don't need to lose weight, listen to them. Talk to someone else that you trust, or who will be impartial and honest with you and get another opinion. Check a standard weight chart and see what range your weight should be for your height. If you need to lose weight, you should talk to a doctor or someone else that is qualified to give you advice. Make a plan that include lower calorie foods and EXERCISE. Just adding some daily exercise can really make a difference in losing weight, but don't overdo it, And if you have the willpower to starve yourself, you should have the willpower to eat better and burn some calories.

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Q: Hi Im thinking of starving myself Iv done it before n iv lost seriouse weight the problom is is that i live with my parents n i no thy wood die if they found out any tips to keep it a secret?
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