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go have your engine scanned to see what the problem is the o2 sensor is not the only part in the emissions system

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What happens when the 1990 Subaru Loyale Stalls when placed in to drive gear?

The engine isn't receiving the correct amount of fuel which will stall the motor. Also if the oxygen censor isn't working properly then the motor will stall.

When a catalytic converter is not working properly will it cause the engine to not run properly?

it is ok to continue driving the vehicle while the catalytic converter is not working properly?

What happens if points are not working properly on engine?

You will have poor or no ignition.

Why Joel's engine is unable to power his car the way it used to. The spark plug is working and the engine is compressing properly so what could be the problem?

Could be a fuel delivery problem such as a dirty fuel filter.

What is a common problem with 1994 Toyota Camry 4cyl that experience intermittent engine stalling?

The most common problem with a 94 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder is the fuel pump not properly working. This causes the fuel to stop at certain points and makes the engine stall.

Symptoms of bad ecu?

Some signs that your engine control unit is not working properly are car failure, bad gas mileage, and your car running poorly. If your check engine light is on, that might also indicate an ECU problem.

The engine on your 1999 Nissan Maxima is starting to shake but the car does not stall what can be causing that?

The car might need a tuneup . also the problem might be related to fuel injectors that are not working properly.

Which censor is censor 2 bank 2?

The Sensor that is located after cat. converter on side of engine with evenly numbered cylinders.

How would a output speed sensor cause a Nissan Altima to fail an inspection?

I think that depends if you have a check engine light on because of it. If the speed sensor is not working properly, the engine will not use gasoline as efficiently so there may be an emission problem

Why does a pickup truck stall when the engine is cold then runs smooth once the engine is warm?

If carb. perhaps choke is not working properly

What causes a cars engine to miss when turning right?

its not working properly ...should bought a ford

What is exhaust analysis?

An analysis of the exhaust is a test to determine what is coming out of the exhaust pipe. The idea is to properly burn up all the gasoline and not have any "leftovers". The test will determine if all emissions systems are working properly and the engine is running at optimum levels. Unburnt gasses will be detected if there is a problem. The engine will be checked at idle, and under load.

Bad effects of Sugar in car engine?

When sugar is placed in a car engine, it can clog up the engine. This may leave it not working properly and would have to be flushed or replaced.

Toyota Previa wont start?

There are a number of reasons why your Toyota Previa will not start. You should ensure that the battery is working properly, that the engine is able to pump fuel and if you cannot resolve the problem, you should call a mechanic.

Why does a Chevy venture 1999 over heat and shows check engine light?

It can be many things. Can be a blown head gasket, stuck thermostat, cooling fan not working properly, water pump problem, etc.

How do you fix overheating engine 1993 mercury topaz?

Depends on why its overheating. IF the Radiator fan is not kicking on, then there are several things you can check. One is that the AC system is working properly. Unfortunately, Ford tied in the AC system to the cars cooling system (overheating). And without the AC System working properly you might have to wire a toggle switch directly to the fan, with a fuse link on one side, to be able to manually turn on the fan when the car reaches temperature. IF the AC unit is working properly there are 2 sensors. One is on top of the thermostat housing, and actually is in the housing. The other is in the engine block right next to the thermostat housing. IF either of these is not working properly, then the fan unit will not come on. If that is not the problem, you may have a blockage somewhere, and need a serious cleaning of the radiator and/or engine block.

Engine stalls while driving won't restart for several hours on 2003 Santa Fe?

If the engine stalls and won't restart for several hours on a 2003 Santa Fe, there is a problem with the computer in the vehicle. Check to make sure all computer fuses are working properly.

If a coolant temp gauge is not working will it cause damage to your engine?

An inoperative temperature gauge will not alter how an engine runs, but the operator will not know if the water temperature has risen above normal without a properly working guage.

What can cause check engine light on 2001 Toyota Celica?

o2 censor

Ask us anythingJoel has noticed that his engine is not compressing properly during the compression and ignition step. What problem will this pose?

The engine will run inefficiently.

What does check engine light on mercedes C230 mean?

Problem with emission system or fuel cap not installed properly

Was told engine warning light was too sensative but ok to drive the engine coolant tank was empty and now the engine has siezed up if light was working properly would i have seen this?


Does the fluid in the radiator have to flow as soon as you turn the engine on?

No , the engine coolant will start flowing through the radiator when the engine coolant thermostat starts to open ( assuming everything is working properly ) Helpfull

The Check Engine Light came on and the transmission seemed to stop shifting properly and the speedometer is not working?

Bad speed sensor.

Where is the camshaft censor on a rover 75?

it is on the front of the engine, next to the oil filler cap on the v6 2.5l engine. I am not sure where on any other engine.

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