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you need to think more about how to stay in school. and being 16. your to young...Ok? Hi I'm sorry but your only 16? I don't reccommend trying to get pregnant at such a young age now I understand that you don't want to be criticised by everyone on this site but having a baby is a big responsibility at the age of 16 it is extremely hard to get a job your still in school or at least you should be I doubt that your parents want to become grandparents already and I think your a little young to be in a totally committed relationship that has a secure future, now that I have said that let me continue to say that I am a 20 year old who just had a baby boy December 10, 2005 my pregnancy was unplanned and occurred because the condom failed now while my child is the best thing that has ever happened to me I have not had a good night sleep since I was 3 months pregnant due to the heartburn and uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy not to mention the stress and concerns that come along with it. I also am unable to go to school as I planned I have to wait another year before I can continue my education it is extremely hard for me to find a job that will work with a schedule that will agree with my boyfriends schedule not to mention trying to find child care is a nightmare because I will not trust just anyone with my child. The father of the child usually only does the minimal in helping with the duties that come along with a child meaning you will be doing damn near all the feeding, changing, bathing, clothing, soothing, and getting up in the middle of the night....not to mention at 16 don't you want to be able to get up and go to a party whenever you want or go shopping and spend money how you want without having to think about a baby first I am not bashing the thought of you becoming a mother I just really want to tell you all the things that come along with it I mean becoming a mother is the best and most fulfilling thing that has ever happened in my life aside from finding the man that I am in love with and is the father of my child just take things slow and enjoy life as a young and coming adult don't rush to grow up please!!!! hope this helps...Good Luck and God Bless!!

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Q: Hi im a 16 year old girl im tryin to get pregnant and ive been off of birth control for 5 months lately you feel gassy and bad pains could you be pregnant?
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What if you missed 4 months birth control shot can you get pregnant?

Yes you can get pregnant if you missed a birth control shot for four months. However, doctors say that it takes about a week after a missed period to get pregnant.

Do you have a higher chance of getting pregnant right after getting off of birth control?

No, you may get pregnant straight away but you may not get pregnant for months, the chances are about the same as if you had never been on birth control.

Is it possible to fall pregnant if you off your birth control pills for a month after being on them for 9 months?

Yes, if you don't take birth control pills daily, you can get pregnant. This is true even if you were on for nine months before stopping.

If im on birth control and dont get my period for 3 months is that just making it easier to get pregnant?

No. Some forms of birth control pills actually cause you to not get your period for months.

What if you only been on the birth control patch for two months then stop taking it?

If you stop taking the birth control patch after two months, you could get pregnant. There are no other risks.

If you have been on Yasmine for 2.5 months can you get pregnant?

there is always a chance of getting pregnant while on birth control. birth controll just lowers your chance of getting pregnant but doesnt prevent it totally. i have 4 kids and got pregnant twice on birth control.

Stoped taking birth control 8 months ago im not pregnant is it normal?

The average couple takes six months to get pregnant. Eight months is not unusual.

How long will it take 2 get pregnant after taking birth control 7 months ago?

On average, it takes six months to get pregnant, whether or not a woman has been on the birth control pill. Some couples will get pregnant the first month after stopping the pill, and others will take a year, but six months is the average.

Can you still get pregnant if you stop taking the birth control?

Yes. If you stop taking your birth control you are at higher risk of becoming pregnant than before you started taking it. Especially at a younger age. I was on birth control and quit taking it for a week and now I am four months pregnant.

You got off birth control 2 months ago can you still get pregnant?


If you have been off birth control for almost 2 months should you be able to get pregnant easily?

== == That is not unusual, in fact quite common that after you stop taking birth control, it can take several months to get pregnant. This is certainly nothing to worry about If after 6-8 or even 12 months, consult a physician to determine if you can get pregnant.

32 years old been trying to get pregnant for 8 years on birth control for the last 3 months what are your chances of getting pregnant?

Birth control decreases, not increases, the risk of pregnancy.

What is the chance of getting pregnant when it has been 4 months since you have your baby took birth control for 2 months then stopped and he pulled out?

You could still get pregnant

Can the birth control pill help you get pregnant after stopping Depo-Provera?

The birth control pill does not help you get pregnant; it prevents pregnancy. If you want to get pregnant after Depo Provera, just have sex. Fertility returns from 1 to 18 months after stopping; ther average is 11 months.

Can you get pregnant by taking birth control?

No, birth control is intended to prevent pregnancy. You can become pregnant while on birth control, as no method is 100% effective, but it isn't the birth control that makes you pregnant.

Took birth control while pregnant for 2 months?

You should probably see a doctor and get an ultrasound since birth control can have harmful effects on the fetus.

Can a woman get pregnant when changing birth control pills?

It is possible to get pregnant when changing birth control pills. If you have not been on birth control for at least 2 months, you should use a back-up method, such as condoms, for the first week of starting your new birth control, to avoid putting yourself at risk of pregnancy.

Do you have to be pregnant to take birth control?

No, you should not be pregnant when taking birth control. Birth control is meant to lower the risk of pregnancy.

You are on birth control but you look like you are 6 months pregnant?

Then you are either pregnant or fat. The birth control pill isn't perfect, especially if you don't use it 'perfectly'. Get tested and hope that you aren't because it's too late for an abortion if you're 6 months in.

If you taking birth control pills and you have not started your menstrual cycle since giving birth 3 months ago can you get pregnant?

yeah you can!

If you stop taking birth control and you start again can you not get pregnant?

It may take a few months to be able to conceive again, although some get pregnant very shortly after stopping birth control use. The number of times you stop/start taking birth control does not matter.

Can you get pregnant if you do not take birth control?

if you have sex and don't take birth control, you may get pregnant. Birth control reduces the risk of pregnancy.

Stopped taking birth control pills no period for 7 months?

you may be pregnant go get tested

What is the probablility that you will get pregnant after 7 months of being off birth control?

The same probability of you were never on ot

How long do you have to be on birth control to get pregnant?

Birth control is for avoiding pregnancy. It won't help you get pregnant.