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Your suzuki runs over 3000 rpm at 65 mph is this too high?

no ,you have most probably a 4speed automatic,right. no ,you have most probably a 4speed automatic,right.

Is the Mitsubishi delica AT has only 4 speed?

no,it doesn't 4speed

How many times should a 1984 Dodge pickup shift?

The automatic trans is a 3 speed. The manual is a 5auto a727 3speed.manual 4speed a833 or 4speed a435. no 5 speeds until 1989.

What transmission came in a 1990 Chevy pickup 4speed automatic?

It would be the 700R4

What is the weight of a 1966 Chevelle ss 396 4speed?

around 3,600 lbs.

How many 66 Plymouth satellite 383hp auto sport commando 2 dr in desert mauve were made?

A few years ago there was a convertible in Florida that had been changed to red. A friend of mine had a 4speed when we were in high school. Other than that, I have never seen one.

What is the curb weight of a 1966 Chevelle with big block and 4speed?

3,600 lbs. or a little more.

How many 1972 442 had a 4speed?

does a 70 front bumper fit a 71 cutlass front bumper

What transmission is in 96 Pontiac sunfire 2.4 4speed automatic?

you answered it yourself, a 4 speed with overdrive

Is a 1990 dodge daytona 3.0 automatic a 3 speed or 4 speed?

i think it was a 3speed and optional 4speed

What transmission is you in a 1989 Chevy extended cab 2 WD truck?

700r4 if it is a 4speed auto Thanks 1202208751

Where is the speed sensor located in 97 suzuki sidekick?

no tranny state no 2wd/4wd stated. no 1.6L or 1.8l motor stated. i will answer for worst case 1.6L 4wd, 4speed. there are 2, one in the speedometer. one in the tail of the 4speed tranny. world wide web dot kick-fix dot com (<dig?)

Can i wash my shoes in a washer machine a house size washer?

Can I wash my Nike shoes in a whirlpool machine 8cycles 4speed combination

Does a 1962 MCI challenger bus have an air assist clutch?

Yes the MCI MC5 has Air assist clutch its at the drivers side on the transmission which is a 4speed .

What automatic transmission does a 1994 F250 gas truck have?

one of three. c6 3speed auto. aod 4speed with overdrive. or a 5 speed manual

Can the same 3.5l dodge charger engine fit a 4speed or 5 speed transmission?

if you can find a bell housing that will bolt up to the engine you will be in business.

How many coronet rt with a 440 4speed Dana 60 were made?

I believe all R/T's with a 440 4-speed had dana 60 rear ends.

Will a 1991 305 TBI bolt up to a 1984 s10 4speed that originally had a 2.8 liter?

That tranny will be a th350 or a th200R4 and both of those trannys will bolt up to a 305.

What kind of transmission do a 1996 ss impala has?

In 1994-1996 B-Bodies (Impala SS,Caprice,Road Master,Fleetwood, & Oldsmobile Cruisers) came with the 4L60E 4speed Automatic.

What kind of gas mileage does the 1.6l geo tracker 4x2 get?

28-30mpg depending on your driving traffic, your type of trany(3speed, 4speed or 5speed) and hilly terain makes this go down !

What is the n-at-p switch on a 1998 suzuki sidekick?

the normal / power switch only found on 4speed A/T is on the shift console. the PRNL switch is on the side of all A/T transmisions.

Do a used installed 4speed overdrive transmission in a 1995 3.0 dodge caravan se need to be reset?

The TCM needs "quicklearned" to reset its adaptive shift memory. A scan tool is required.

How many kilometer per liter does 3Au engine consumes?

If 4speed transmission it consumes around 9 to 11km/L But if you're using 5speed transmission it consumes around 12 to 15km/

How do you tell if your 2001 prizm is a 3 speed or 4 speed?

look at the decal on the inside of your trunk lid. It has a lot of numbers called RPO codes. If you see MB3 it is a 3speed if you see MS7 then it is a 4speed.

Purchasing my first vehicle 08 Caravan which engine would be better for gas mileage 3.3 4speed or 3.8 6speed?

If you are purchasing a new 08 Caravan, the smaller engine will be better on gas mileage.

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