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Odette, my sympathies. Grieving is a process that one has to work through. I would certainly recommend finding a support group through a local church or community center if you haven't already. They will understand best what you are going through. And find things to do, whether it is faqfarming, or travel, or a hobby, volunteer work or any number of possibilitis. Good luck, and stay in touch.

Hello Mrs. Goenitz. I just became a member to faqfarm today and I saw your question. There is no advice that can be given that will get your over our husbands passing because you will always miss him and want him to be here with you, but the advice that I can give you is to always cherish the time that you had with him. Even though you miss him, get comfort by knowing that he is home, in Heaven, with God. Instead of grieving the life that you lost, try celebrating the life that you had with your husband. Go through each day honoring his memory and cherishing his love. I will tell your from experience, you will never get over your losss an you will never stop missing him, but I promise you that if you go through each day honoring and cherishing your memories and love, it won't be as hard. Try and live life as your husband would have wanted you to. God bless you and your family and I am very sorry for your loss.

AnswerOdette..I am so very sorry for your loss. Prayers for you and your family. I see Leopold was a very caring person, as he was a faqfarmer, and I'm sure made a difference in a lot of people's lives. It probably feels like half of you he took with him when he left, but he didn't. That half of you he actually made! I'm sure he gave so much to you, and you learned from him and kept all of his goodness that you could. This is what I wish for you to remember, that part of him is still with you. Sorry I'm rambling. I read someone mentioned a church group. I would reccommend that as well. May your days get easier, and may you relax knowing he is in such a better place. AnswerWell Leo was clearly a wise FAQ Farmer who probably understood he could help by pointing you in a direction! And I hope your already seeing how right he was. Be open to, and reach out to, other people. Experience new things. AnswerOdette I am truly sorry for your loss. I am a firm believer that your husband is still around you until he feels you are going to be alright (and you will be.) It's normal to go through the grieving process and it can take time. Everyone is different. Don't start to sell personal property or other items during this stressful time in your life and if you don't feel like going through your husband's personal things wait a little while. Take one day at a time. If you call Mental Health there are wonderful programs you can go too where you will be talking with other widows going through such a difficult time. It's very important you try these programs and you will also make friends who understand exactly what you are going through.

If you have any questions, fears or are just lonely and need someone to lend an ear please just keep posting to us and we'll be there for you. If you prefer to talk to a certain person on this board then click on their name and you'll see "_______personal message board" and click on that, scroll down and leave them a message. Most of us are quite willing to give out our email address' in cases such as this.

My father died before he was 60 years old and it was difficult on my mother. I told her to try sleeping on the couch with the TV on low (she had problems sleeping) and that helped a lot. Of course my brother, his wife, my husband and myself rallied around her and let her have her time for grieving and then we started to get her involved with family more and eventually she became very independent (never married, but had been asked) and lived an extremely fullfilling life. The memories never fade, but the hurt from the heart does go away.

We are here for you!

God Bless (You're going to make it!)

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