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Hi you have a never ending oil leak in your 92 automatic paseo you have changed the crankcase gasket the crankshaft seal and the block valve cover gasket the leak seems to come from behind the engine?

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2007-01-05 06:15:22

try replacing the rear main seal on your engine Try observing

the source of your leak. Use a can of brake clean and spray it over

all the areas where you see oil leaks built up. Make sure to clean

the areas thoroughly so that no oil is left. Run your vehicle for

your normal commute to and from work and when you get home, look

underneath the motor and observe where the oil has leaked from.

This should be easy to see since you have cleaned the areas

underneath the motor. Wherever the most oil is present after this

should be the main source of your leak. If it(the leak) is at the

junction of the trans and the motor(rear main seal as mentioned

above)take it to a shop to get it reapired if you wish to do so.

It's not a DIY unless you have a lift, trans jack and necessary

tools. If your vehicle has high mileage, you may see seepage(small

leaks) from many areas. Clean those off as well to best determine

your worst oil leak. Good Luck!!!!

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