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Your probably just pregnant.

check what your eating and try to sit in a relaxing position

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Roughly speaking how many volts can an electric eel discharge?


How much do 38g breasts weigh?

Judging by what is written on the internet 38 g breasts weigh roughly 8lbs EACH ! No wonder my back aches sometimes :)

Do dogs have breasts?

In a way. Dogs have nipples but not boobs and from counting on my dog they have roughly nine. Most dogs are born missing some of there nipples.

How long can you stay in the military with angina?

For as long as it takes medical services to discover and diagnose it, and your medical discharge to be processed. Roughly thirty days.

How many calories in a bucket meal from KFC?

you can find answer at kfc's website. roughly 1800 for 10 pieces (mixture of wings, drumsticks, breasts, and thighs).

What happens when you have periods?

The inner lining of your urterus had been building up for roughly 28 days, which is the blood your body expells when you begin menstration. It takes on average between 3 to 6 days for the lining to come out. During that time, you can be experiencing "PMS" like symptoms, which are the following: abdomen cramping, headaches, irritability, fatigue, headache, bloating, sore breasts. Everyone is different, and could experience more, or less of these symptoms.

How do you care for a sneezing chicken?

If it also has a slight discharge from it's nostrils and eyes, it has "roup", a common infectious ailment of chickens, roughly like the common cold in humans. It will recover.

How breast growth in teen age?

During the teenage years, most girls will have their breasts grow. Usually, this is 2 to 3 cup-sizes of growth over a roughly 5 year span, or so.

Can handling breasts roughly cause breast cancer?

No. Breast cancer is an out-of-control growth of genetically mutated cells, which is not a viable outcome from rough handling. Mostly you need be concerned with bruising and physical damage.

How many years ago from 51 bc?

Roughly, 2062 years.Roughly, 2062 years.Roughly, 2062 years.Roughly, 2062 years.Roughly, 2062 years.Roughly, 2062 years.Roughly, 2062 years.Roughly, 2062 years.Roughly, 2062 years.

What is tu me les brises in French?

that means roughly "you're getting on my nerves". It's quite a rude way to say it.

The ratio of a person getting autism?

Roughly 1 in 100 people have autism. 1 in 4 of autistic people are female.

1 billion seconds equals?

Roughly 30 years.Roughly 30 years.Roughly 30 years.Roughly 30 years.

What is the comparative and superlative of roughly?

Comp = more roughly Super = most roughly

You are on day 17 of 28 day cycle and TTC you have mild cramps and tender breasts Could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Ever heard of PMS? Unless you have had unprotected sex two weeks into your cycle (which is roughly when you are fertile) then no, you won't be pregnant

Why does your HDMI cable on your tv keep needing to be replaced?

Perhaps it's getting used too roughly or it has gotten torn or dust has gotten into it.

What do pharmacists usually make a year?

roughly about 80,000 roughly about 80,000 roughly about 80,000

Is cramping 2 weeks before your period a sign of pregnancy?

Not usually. It depends on the length of your mentrual cycle, though sometimes its hard to determine how long your cycle lasts esp. if you're young and periods aren't yet regular, but as a general rule cramping 2 weeks before your period simply means you are ovulating. Just before and around Ovulation is the time you are most likely to fall pregnant (roughly 10-16 days after your last period started).

How do you use roughly in a sentence?

Roughly:Roughly 20 defective computers were sold by mistake.Many people roughly struggle to make ends meet.The tourists and their guide had to climb the roughly large rocks.

What is the chance of getting dc's from ballyhoo?

you get dragon coins every 1 in 10 (roughly) times you see bally hoo (so about 1nce a day)

Are you pregnant if thick milky subtante is comein out of your vagina?

Vaginal discharge does not signal a pregnancy. Normally, the vagina produces a sometimes whitish discharge that is often greater during ovulation (roughly somewhere about halfway between your menstrual periods) Some infections and overgrowths like yeast can cause also a thick discharge, but a certain amount of discharge is normal and simply the vagina's way of self-cleaning. If the discharge has a bad smell or is itchy, it is a symptom of a medical problem that needs help. Yeast remedies are available over the counter, but unless you are sure that is what it is, diagnosing yourself is not wise. Douching, or washing the inside of the vagina, can make things worse, as it disrupts the Ph balance, destroying the normal "good" stuff that is supposed to be present.

Is getting World of Warcraft worth it?

50 cents a day roughly for endless fun. the single most popular game of all time, and if you get it youll see why.

Can a female get pregnant before getting her first menstrual cycle?

Yes but only roughly two weeks before the first period. Now I say roughly because that's when most women ovulate. Getting your period means you are sheding your uterein wall after ovulation. So you ovulate before your period. But if you have never had a period before you won't know your cycle starts. USE A CONDOM.

For roughly how long was Rome a republic?

roughly, for four centuries

Is the word roughly a verb?

Roughly is not a verb. It's an adverb.