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Could be your idle valve

2006-10-17 00:12:21
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How much does a Windows 7 startup disc cost?

Around £60 to £70 (GBP) which is about $95 (USD)

Which pH values indicates a slightly acidic solution?

Slightly acidic solutions have pH around 5 to 6.9

Earth moving in a slightly elliptical orbit around the what?

The Sun.

The earths path around the sun?

Earth travels in a slightly elliptical path around the Sun.

Does the earth rotate as it orbits around the sun?

it rotates around the sun slightly slanted or on an axle

Earth moves in a elliptical orbit around the?

The Earth follows a (slightly) elliptical orbit around the Sun.

Does basil like acidic soil?

It likes slightly acidic and can even stand slightly alkaline, the range is around 5.5 - 8.0 pH

What does it mean when someone walks around you 3 times?

They are slightly insane...

A friends 1993 Mazda 626 makes a clicking noise around the engine not on startup but minutes into the drive and when idle why is this?

Could have a bad motor mount

What is the obital pattern around the sun?

Objects orbit the Sun in an ellipse pattern - slightly, very slightly egg-shaped and almost in a circle, but not quite.

Is Saturn round?

Saturn is spherical in shape, and slightly elongated around the equator.

How many amur tigers are left?

Around 500, maybe slightly more.

What is the pH of Ringer's lactate solution?

It´s around 6.5, slightly acidic.

How much does dry ice cost?

around $1.00 per pound, but can be slightly more

Do girls voices break?

They do. However only slightly by around 1-2 semitones.

What were the size of Christ nails?

Slightly smaller around and longer than a railroad spike.

What percentage of all planets salt water is salt?

Around 3% or slightly more.

What is it called when the earth is moving in a slightly elliptical orbit around the sun?

It is called "Normal".

How do you decrease water pressure in a new shower head?

Turn the tap around slightly.

Is it normal to have a darker ring around the anus?

Yes, it is normal for the skin to be slightly darker.

What is the oil pressure gauge suppose to read on a 1999 covette 40 or 80 psi?

Around 80 psi cold at startup, and 40 psi at normal operating temperature.

Whats the freezing point of water?

It depends slightly on the pressure, but it is around 0 degrees Centigrade.

Who is Dorothy Powers?

She is my sister, and she is slightly abusive to me, she also doesnt help around the house at all.

What is the shape of earth' s orbit around the sun?

Slightly ovoid, not a perfect circle.

Is cabernet sauvingnon served cold?

No. Slightly chilled if you insist, but usually around 67 degrees.