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it could be the coolant temp unit. it senses the engine temp and adjust the throttle occordingly so the engine can easly worm up to operating temp. when i first start my 1990 tracker up, it will idle at around 2,000 rpm until it warms up then it will idle at around 700 rpms.

automatic idle switch.Nah. Supprised that your engine hasn't 'gernaded'! Something's mechanically sticking in WOT (wide open thottle) when you first start up; like the throttle plate/accellerator cable???

2015-07-15 21:50:25
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What happens if you overheat a Kia sportage until the engine shuts down?

Overheating an engine can cause the engine to see up resulting in a complete engine failure. Overheating the engine can cause the head gasket to fail.

Can you help you have over revving on peogoet 106 on initial start up until warm with irratic engine revving on idle?

I have the same problem, and I've been told the most likely reason is the accelerator cable needs replacing, or there is a problem with the automatic choke! Hope this helps. disconnect the battery for a couple of hours - it works!

How do you know when a guy is revving his motorcycle to impress you or if he is just giving it gas?

You can tell. If he's trying to impress you, he'll be revving it, and if you don't look over and notice he'll keep on revving it until you do look over. if he's just giving it gas, he'll rev it only once or twice.

What would cause van to run until engine is hot and stalls and wont start until cools off?

freeze plugs?

What is wrong with 93 Geo tracker that wont change into 2 gear until engine warms up?

the seals in the transmission are shrunk but will expand when the oil gets warm so it will then shift

Can a clogged fuel filter cause misfire like symptoms?

It will cause those and eventually will shut down your engine until the filter is changed or cleaned.

How long have tracker boats been made?

Tracker boats were in conception for some time but did not become commercially available until 1978. Bass Pro Shop founder, Johnny Morris had released the tracker boat at that time.

What is the top Santa Tracker?

The link to the Official NORAD Santa tracker is in the Related Links. It tells you his current location and the estimated time until his arrival in his next destination.

Where is a camshaft sensor on 2000 Chevy Tracker?

My 2003 Chevy Tracker would not restart when it was hot and finally would stall & not restart until it sat and cooled off for 10 minutes. It would crank but not start. We replaced the camshaft it solved the problem. It was located at the back of the engine, at the top and is held by just one screw.

1997 jeep wrangler start up in morning clicking sound until engine warms up for about 2 min what can cause it 2.5 engine?

Valves tapping?

High revving of engine 5000 - 6000 rpms until it warms up on a 2000 VW New Beetle?

If your doing it on purpose then DON'T.If the engine is doing it via the computer you need to take it into the shop and have them look at it. There seems to be a bad sensor telling the computer wrong information. Running at a high rpm when the motor is cold and with no load is not good for it.

Over filled your oil?

Remove the drain plug under the engine and remove oil until it is at the proper level. Running the engine with too much oil can cause damage.

Does the O2 sensors cause the car to stall while driving if they are not operating correctly?

"They" do not cause any engine operation they are only a sensor. If they are faulty they will give a false signal to the main ECU. The engine will still operate safely until they are repaired.

Why does 2006 F250 Diesel run bad when cold?

The 2006 Ford F2 50 diesel engine might have a bad fuel injector. The injector can cause the engine to not run properly, until the engine warms up.

How do you reset the check engine light on a 2002 Honda Accord?

Before you start the car, hold in the same button used to reset the trip mileage tracker. Continue to hold the button in as you start the car and until the check engine light goes off -- should take around 10 - 15 seconds.

What happens if you put 2 liters of petrol in diesel engine with 20 liters diesel?

I would recommend not running the engine until the fuel is drained. Any amount of petrol/gasoline in a diesel can cause engine or fuel system damage.

What would cause the engine to bog down and intermittent white smoke from a tailpipe?

White smoke from the exhaust is a sign of coolant entering the combustion chamber. Most likely cause is a blown head gasket. Stop driving this vehicle until you have this repaired or you will destroy this engine.

What is the cause of a 89 Volvo starting and running but if you turn it off it will not start again until you wait a few hours?

I suggest that the cause may be related to the starter. Because, if the starter is staying engaged with the ring gear on the flwheel after you start the engine it will cause the starter to overheat, thus preventing the starters operation until it cools.

What would cause your thunder-bird to die after it runs for a while and then it will not start until it cool down again?

It could be that your head gasket is shot. It may cause your antifreeze to leak, and your engine will overheat.

What would cause the volume of oil to increase in a dura max diesel?

Diesel fuel or coolant entering the crankcase. Either will cause serious engine damage. Stop driving the truck until you can have this repaired.

What is hp rating on 02 suzuki xl7?

The 2002 is the same engine as my 2001, and it was 175 HP. I now have a 2006 and it has a different exhaust and intake manifold tuning and now has 180 HP. It is a small, high-revving, low-torque engine and doesn't make any useful power until you rev it to around 3000-3500 RPM, which is why the engine RPM is so high on the highway, and why it uses more fuel compared to some other small SUVs.

How often should you change the timing chain on a 2002 Chevy Tracker 2.0?

A timing chain is something that will normally last until the engine needs an overhaul. It is starts making a noise, or you cannot keep the engine timed, it may need replacing. Otherwise it is not an item you replace at a set interval.A timing chain is something that will normally last until the engine needs an overhaul. It is starts making a noise, or you cannot keep the engine timed, it may need replacing. Otherwise it is not an item you replace at a set interval.

How do you remove the grill on a 1996 Geo Tracker?

just pull slowly on the top until you see a gap and work it down from there

What is governor and flywheel in engine?

The flywheel stores inertia in it's rim and allows the power stroke of the engine to be smoothed out over the entire rotary cycle. This brings the piston back up the cylinder for the next power stroke. The governor is a negative feedback system that controls the speed of the engine to stop it over revving. Watts governor has two spinning pivoted steel balls that fly apart as the speed increases. The faster the engine revs the more the flying balls close the steam pipe from the boiler. This slows the engine until the falling balls reopen the pipe etc.

Will a Chrysler PT Cruisers computer shut the car down if it overheats?

No. It will keep running until the engine is completely destroyed.No. It will keep running until the engine is completely destroyed.