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The highest paying jobs for 18 year olds are construction jobs for men. Executive administrative assistant jobs or transcriptionist jobs pay a lot for women.

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Q: Highest paying jobs for 18 year olds?
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Will Walmart hire 10 year olds?

no 10 year olds cant get official paying jobs in the state of Florida

What are the highest paying IT jobs in America?

The highest paying IT jobs are software engineers and systems analysts which typically make around $100,000 dollars per year.

What kind of jobs hire 12 year olds and pay good?

Unfortunately , there are no good-paying jobs available 2 12 yr olds. Sorry!

Paying jobs for 12 year olds?

- lawn work - baby sitting - dog walking

Are there any paying jobs in southwest houton for 12 year olds?

Try grass-cutting.

What are highest paying jobs for a 12 or 13-year-old?

lawn work

What are the top paying jobs in government?

The top paying jobs in the government is Astronomer, Attorney and Financial Manager. These are the top three highest paying jobs. They all make over $100,000 a year.

What are some of the top paying jobs for 17 year olds?

babysitting working at drinks and food places

What are paying summer jobs for 12 year olds?

babysitting....thats what im trying to do..=) GOOD LUCK.

What is the highest paying jobs for a 19 year old man?

4 for domp asses

What are the highest paying lanscaping jobs?

One of the highest paying landscaping jobs would be a landscape architect. They would get paid over $60,000 a year as an average or more than $90,000 for experienced landscapers.

Can you get jobs for 12 year olds?

It is illegal for a 12-year old to get a paying job in the U.S. However, they can volunteer for a good cause. When they reach 16, they can try to get a paying job.

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