Highest rank in coast guard

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Q: Highest rank in coast guard
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What is the highest rank in the United states coast guard?


Who is the five star admiral of the US Coast Guard today?

That rank has never existed in the Coast Guard. The highest rank in the Coast Guard is a four-star admiral referred to as "Commandant", just like the Marine Corps. The position and rank is currently filled by Admiral Robert J. Papp, Jr.

What was JFK rank in the navy?

His first rank was a Coast Guard.

What does the rank CD-R mean in the US Coast Guard?

CDR is a Commander in the US Coast Guard.

How much do you make in the coast guard?

It depends on your rank.

What is the highest rank in the Pontifical Swiss Guard?

The Commandant of the Guard is an Oberst or Colonel.

Is Master Chief a real rank?

There is no kind of about it. Both the US Navy and Coast Guard use the Rank Master Chief Petty Officer for the highest enlisted rank. Only Warrant and Commissioned officers rank above Master Chiefs.

Are there colonels in the navy?

No, the equal rank in the Navy or Coast Guard is a Captain.

What is the highest Coast Guard rank?

The highest rank in the Coast Guard is the Commandant, who holds the rank of Admiral (abbreviated ADM) and is in pay grade O-10. Admiral rank insignia is four stars. Other admiral ranks include Rear Admiral Lower Half (RDML/three stars/O-9), Rear Admiral Upper Half (RADM/two stars/O-8), and Vice Admiral (VADM/one star/O-7).

What is the rank of a coast guard reservist?

That would depend on his paygrade and time in service. Rank has nothing to do with reserve status.

Highest Rank Of national Guard?

Just like the active component, 4 star general is the highest.

Who are considered Commissioned officers in the Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard uses the same rank structure as the Navy. Thus, anyone who wears the rank of Ensign, Lieutenant JG, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Commander, Commander, Captain, or any Admiral rank, in considered a commissioned officer of the Coast Guard, and is also recognised by the rest of the Armed Forces as a commissioned officer, as well.

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