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Hip hop abs?

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Hip Hop Abs is a workout routine by Shaun T. This set of DVDS is put out by Beachbody a company that is well known for workout DVDS.

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What are good workouts?

Hip Hop Abs and P90X

How many calories do you burn in Hip hop Abs?


Where can I find hip hop abs videos?

Hip Hop Abs is a workout DVD and video tape that was shown on television. There are infomercials where you can order it from the number it shows on television, or you can try EBay.

What exercise you recommend to achieve hip hop abs?

I think something called a shake a weight is good for hip hop abs. Its has something for men and women. So, it must work very well for that desired goal.

Is Shaun T from Hip-Hop Abs gay?

yes he is Do you have to ask? Kind of obvious isn't it. well i think its mostly for females so that why the moves are like girly like From the looks of his hip hop abs video.. definitely gay :)

Is it hip hop or hip-hop?

It's more correctly spelled hip-hop.

How many calories do you burn doing hip hop abs total body burn?

about 500-600

What does hip hop known as?

... hip hop?

Why is hip hop called hip hop?

Because the beats sound like hip hop.

How do you get to be hip hop star?

by being hip AND hop by being hip AND hop

Which came first rap or hip-hop?

it was hip-hop

Where can one watch hip hop videos online?

One can watch Hip Hop videos online at any of the following places. Smash Beats, Hip Hop Galaxy, World Star Hip-Hop, Hip Hop Connection, Audio Tube Hip hop and Hip Hop Blips to name a few.

Is it true there is a secret behind hip hop?

There is no real answer! hip hop is hip hop!

When did hip hop started?

when did hip hop start

How do you say hip hop in German?


How do you say hip hop in spanish?

hip hop

Is hip hop a sport?

No hip-hop is a dance

How do you say I love hip-hop in Spanish?

I love hip hop translates to Spanish as me encata el hip hop or me amo el hip hop.

What is the difference between southern hip hop and northern hip hop?

Southern hip hop is more lyrical.

Who discovered hip-hop?

Hip Hop was created by the Sugar Hill Gang

What kind of culture is hip-hop?

Hip-Hop dance is an artistic culture.

Where did hip hop start?

Hip Hop started in U.S.A

What is the language of hip hop?

Hip-hop language of slang.

Is eminem a hip hop artist?

Hip-hop & Rap

What type of music is the hip hop using?

Hip hop.

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