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The statehood of California was proclaimed in 1850 on the 9th September. Prior to 19th century many countries such as England and Russia established colonies in cali. The governance of Spanish started in 1697 and lasted till 1821. The independence of Mexico from Spain led to the end of Spanish era in the area. The colonization of Mexico started in 1821 and trades were enhanced. Changes happened in California such as the secularization of missions as well as the Immigration of non Mexicans in the area. United States announced a war with Mexico in 1846. Non-Mexican residents in California revolted against Mexican officials and military leaders on the 15th day of June 1846. It was a revolt which went for a period of one week and with the help of the US army interfering, the non mexican crowd got an upper hand and took control over the area.

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Q: History of how California become a state?
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