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Q: Hitler and naziswhat method to get their message across and were they effective?
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Why were the federalists effective at getting their message across to the public?


Why were the federalists effective at getting their message across the public?


Does Satire have to be funny?

No. Satire does not have to be funny for it to be effective, although humor is effective in getting the message across.

Why did Hitler write a book?

Two reasons: # To tell his life so he would not be forgotten # To get his antisemitic message across.

How does rhyme get the message across in John agards poem flag?

The rhyme isn't really effective at portraying the message however I feel the form of the poem (shape) enforces the ideas.

What makes communication effective?

Communication that is effective conveys the intended message clearly. In addition, care should be taken to pay attention to word choices and body language to come across as empathetic and personable.

Are protests a good way to get your message across?

depends on the type of message

What are the release dates for Message from Across the Sea - 1914?

Message from Across the Sea - 1914 was released on: USA: 16 January 1914

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Guy vollmar

How did martin Luther king get his message across?


What is the purpose of a subliminal message?

To get an idea across to an audience without them conciously realizing they are recieving this message.

How did Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda get his points across?

It was hydra and he sold out captain Americas position to Hitler

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