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Hoe to get shaymin?

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you need an Action Replay.

insert it and select the game youre playing.

choose "One of every item" (or something along those lines)

then you will have the letter from Professor Oak.

if you go to the flowery place with the shiny rock that you can see yourself in, run until you see Oak. Talk to him.

After you talk to him (either in front of you or you have to walk) Shaymin will appear.

(im not sure if this is all correct i checked and this is what i was told and i remember.)

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Hoe krijg je Shaymin op ontdekkers van de tijd How do you get Shaymin on Explorers of time?

You cannot get Shaymin or Arceus on Explorers of Time or Explorers of Darkness.

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Is there any way you can get a Shiny Shaymin without using both the Shiny Code and the Shaymin Event plus can you get Shiny Shaymin if you already have Shaymin?


Can you get shaymin in the johto safari zone?

No, you cannot get Shaymin in the Johto safari zone. Shaymin can only be obtained by event. Since every Shaymin event has passed, you cannot even get Shaymin in the game.

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What number is Shaymin?

Shaymin is number 492

What level does shaymin evolve?

shaymin does not evolve

How do you get the gracidea for shaymin?

In DP, go to the flower shop. The shaymin MUST be an event shaymin. :3

What is a tru shaymin?

A TRU Shaymin is a Shaymin that was available for download from Toy's R' Us (TRU).

How do you turn shaymin into a sky shaymin on Pokemon diamond?

You need to get the flower, by taking a LEGIT shaymin to the flower shop, talking to a certain girl, who will give you a flower of which you must use on the shaymin. It will work if the shaymin is LEGIT.

How do you get a sky shaymin?

After catching the event shaymin go to the blond girl in floaroma town and she gives you a gracedia flower, give it to shaymin and (morph)Sky shaymin

How do you get shaymin in pokemonplatnium?

you have to go to a Nintendo event and then you will get the Shaymin.

How does shaymin evolve in flora sky?

shaymin can not evolve

Where to get shaymin in Pokemon HeartGold?

shaymin is an event pokemon

How do you evolve shaymin into shaymin sky form?

Go to the flower shops in whatever game you are using with the shaymin, which must be an event shaymin. One of the ladies there will give you the flower.

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How does shaymin fly in explorers of sky?

In Shaymin Village, If you talk to a certain Shaymin, it will ask you if you want a Gracidea. If you say yes, you will receive a Gracidea to use on the Shaymin on your team, wich will put Shaymin in its Sky Form. If you say no, wrong answer.

How do you get shaymin on pokemon platnium?

You find shaymin in the flower of paradise. once you get there shaymin will be at level 30. good luck

How do you change shaymin to sky form in explorers of sky?

One of the Shaymin in the Shaymin Village will give you a Gracidea if you talk to her. Use this Gracidea on your Shaymin in a dungeon to change it into its Sky Forme.