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I'd check to make sure you have the plug wires on in the correct order. Check the AutoZone web site for repair manual that shows a diagram of the distributor pattern. If the plug wires are okay, it could be a possible fuel filter/pump issue or a stuck butterfly valve in your throttle body.

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Q: Honda accord ex 94 you put a new rotor cap plugs and wires and your car still starts rough when cold why?
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How do you tune up a 1999 Honda Accord LX?

Plugs, wires, rotor, cap, pcv valve.

1994 Honda Accord ex remove rear rotor?

1994 Honda accord ex remove rear rotor

2002 Honda accord cranks but want start sometimes?

Tune it up. Replace the spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, rotor, fuel filter, and air filter.

How can you tell if the rotors on my 2001 4cy accord are pressed on?

If the rotor of the 2001 Honda Accord will does not have mounting hardware it is pressed on. To remove these types of rotors the caliper will have to be unmounted. The rotor will then come off.

Why does my 1990 Honda accord not start when I have changed the plugs distributor cap rotor smell gas when turning over but will not start?

You may have messed up the timing when you put on the new distributor cap.

Does the hand brake on a 2002 Honda accord work off the rear rotor?


What is the howling sound when stepping on the brakes in reverse in a 2000 Honda accord?

If a 2000 Honda Accord is making a howling noise when the brakes are pressed the rotor may be the issue. When a brake rotor becomes warped the wheel will not stop smoothly, and in turn create several different noises.

What is causing loud knocking sound from front end Honda Accord when you slow down and press brakes?

A warped rotor on a Honda Accord can cause it to make several different noises. The brake system should be immediately checked. If a rotor has failed the vehicle can become very dangerous.

How much is a tune up for a 1997 Honda accord?

If you use genuine Honda Parts it will cost you about $300 for parts and about $100 for the labor, you need to replace the following parts: Spark plugs, Wires, PCV Valve, fuel filter, rotor and cap, air filter and valve cover gasket. Good luck, I am doing this now on my 1997 Accord SE, I bought most of the parts from a Honda dealer online and I bought the plugs and wires from a local auto parts store.

What is 1992 accord minimum brake rotor thickness front and back?

The minimum brake rotor thickness for the front and back rotors on a 1992 Honda Accord is 21mm. Rotors which are below this thickness will not offer adequate or reliable braking.

95 Honda accord lx how do you change front brakes?

Why would a 86 automatic Honda Accord need 100 or more key turns to get it to turn over?

You might want to consider a tune-up... spark plugs distributor cap/rotor sparkplug wires and possibly a new starter.

Spark plug firing order for 1992 Honda accord?

1-3-4-2 Rotor turns clockwise.

What is the timing order for a 1994 honda accord?

Firing order is 1-3-4-2 rotor turns clockwise.

How do you remove the front passenger brake rotor on a 92 Honda accord?

Remove wheels Remove caliper mounting bolts Slide caliper off rotor Slide rotor off hub (if "peel off" type)

1992 Honda Accord starts then shut off during operation just had a tune up and the distributor cap rotor replaced What is the cause?

i have a 1992 Honda accord, i would start my Honda and drive for about 3-5 minutes and it would shut off, it happened to be be the exhaust manifold that was clogged with carbon. there is a kit repair that Honda sells that you drill some plugs from the top of the manifold and then you clean out the pore holes with a cloth hanger wire, then you put plug in that come with the kit. car has been working great since. sorry if i don't explaine my self too well. good luck

What would cause a 1985 Honda accord to struggle with acceleration in damp or wet weather only?

Change the wires, rotor and cap.

What is 98 Honda Accord 3.0 firing order?

1-4-2-5-3-6 Rotor turns counterclockwise.

Why would a 1992 Honda accord lose its spark?

bad cap or rotor . ignition coil , or ignition mudgule or new or rebilt distributor

What is the firing order for a 1990 Honda Accord EX 4cylinder?

Firing order is 1-3-4-2 Rotor turns clockwise.

Remove front rotors 2004 Honda accord?

Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the brake pads and break hardware. The brake rotor will slide off. You may need to tap the rotor with a hammer.

How do you replace the tire thread bolts on a 1995 Honda Accord LX?

u have to take the bolt off and slide that plate off in front of the rotor

How do you rotate rotors on 2000 Honda accord?

You do not rotate rotors. Replace a bad rotor or have it machined if possible. Never rotate them to another wheel location.

What size wrench to remove rotor 2000 Honda Accord?

It's probably a 32 or 36mm impact socket a wrench probably won't work.

How much should a tune up cost on a 2002 Honda Civic?

I just paid 130 for parts and 130 for labor on a 2000 Honda Accord. I think it can be done for cheaper, but i did not know what was wrong with my car so that is more time and labor charges to find out what was wrong. Also, it will matter wheter they do plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and filters in which mine did. Either way this needs to be done, no matter what plugs every 70k or so.